”Cozy atmosphere, excellent food and the meeting spot in town

TripAdvisor Member, December 2019.


You can also call us at +41 41 637 35 00 or email us at hello@skilodgeengelberg.com

Covid -19 Information

Due to the Covid-19 situation, Ski Lodge Engelberg has made some necessary improvements and changes in our day-to-day operations. It is important for us at Ski Lodge Engelberg to ensure that our guests and our staff are offered a safe environment. We are constantly adapting to the current regulations and you can find more information in our latest post.

- The lift areas and pistes are open!
- The lift areas are open to all nationalities.
- Hotel Restaurant and Bar are open for Hotel Guests.
- We are on a short break between the 18th of April and the 1st of June! (Hotel Rooms Closed)

Updated 21st of March 2021


Run to the Hills

Our home office package includes Accommodation, our mouthwatering breakfast buffet every morning, access to our co-working areas with “hotspot” seating and to relax in our sauna and hot tub plus freshly roasted coffee during office hours for free.

Our bar menu is available for dinner, you will get all the ski tips you need and we will help you out with laundry service.
Email us for more information info@skilodgeengelberg.com


Brasserie Konrad

Our bar and restaurant is the watering hole in the village, from Après Ski to a long dinner with friends and red wine. The brasserie tends to fill up quickly, so reserve your table online today.


Hotel Engelberg

Hotel Ski Lodge Engelberg in Switzerland was founded by people who love mountains and skiing more than anything else in the world. The passion for anything steep and deep took them to many places around the globe, resulting both in broken thumbs, angry girlfriends, everlasting memories and above all: a whole lot of fun.

The idea behind project Hotel Engelberg was to take all those years traveling, the early- rise powder mornings, the foggy goggle problems and turn it into a meeting place for mountain lovers. That’s right: From the outside, we might look similar to something people would call a boutique hotel, but the foundation for our ski lodge hotel lies in the people, spirit and certain feeling created by the little wrinkles on planet earth we call mountain ranges.

So what do we as a company believe in? We are here to make people fall in love with the mountains. Coming to Mt Titlis and Engelberg ski area, our guests might already have a little fling with skiing the Alps, but we are here to make them never want to leave, fueling an urge to quit their desk jobs and ski every damn day.

For our Accommodation Engelberg to be just that, our weapons of choice are big smiles, outstanding service, sharing local knowledge and a warm welcoming to Ski Lodge Engelberg. If the guest is a family, we make sure the kids will vote for skiing in Engelberg on every school break for the coming 10 years, and if it’s a company group make sure to make their workday as mountainous as possible with or without the best Après ski in Engelberg. And – we take extra care about the person in the group who’s not really into skiing or hiking, a good guiding for them can make the whole difference.  We see it every day! Whoever the guest is, we want to share our passion for the mountains and make them feel welcome to our world.

In the end, Ski Lodge is about the good things in life: skiing, friends, good food & wine in our Restaurant Brasserie Konrad and having fun. We are also a curious little place, which means that we are eager to learn and nothing is impossible here.  Welcome to our place, hope to see you on our doorstep soon. 

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