Busy Times For The Adventurous – Venture Report 12th May

Busy Times For The Adventurous - Venture Report 12th May


May is glorious here in Switzerland.

The weather is humble and we get the impression that it is making “the best of the situation”. The occasional snowstorms or rainy afternoons seem to be excused because of the immediate change to summer warmth and blue skies. Skiing is and was the last week unpredictable but still within the range “good conditions” as seen on the picture above.

The tension, or maybe rather the excitement, is present in the aura around everyone with an adventurous intent. No one is quite sure if the snow still lays in the biking tracks, hiking trails or if the weather will keep to predictions. Everyone is just so excited for the new season. Even if you happen upon a biker drenched in mud you still ask if the tracks are dry if they are slippery if it is worth it and so on. The list of questions is long, and the only way to really know is to get out there. Maybe tomorrow…

To change things up in the hotel we hosted a small wedding of 42 guests within the Engelberg Valley. The ceremony was held up at Brünnihütte accompanied by a traditional swiss Luncheon. After taking in the spectacular views all guests came back to the hotel for a Drink and dinner celebration. Everything was as smooth as a silk tie and the guests got to enjoy a fantastic 4-course dinner prepared by our kitchen staff in Brasserie Konrad accompanied by some Swiss and Italian wines. The party lasted long into the small hours and the weekend ended with a proper Sunday breakfast.

At the moment we prepare for our summer Menü that we are going to serve in our Library and Terrace with a start date of 15th of June. To get a full update check our Instagram for inspirational posts or facebook site.

Hard Facts:

Snow depth Mountain (Slope, 3.020m): 340 cm
Snow depth Location (1.050m): 0 cm
Snow condition: Hard, partially wet
Latest snowfall: Monday 08.05
Avalanche alert level: Significant

Weather and Conditions:



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