Cold Smoke For The Crowd – Snow Round-Up

A gallery opening, snowfall over expectations and a sunny weekend were on our agenda last week.

First of all, we have an ongoing photo exhibition in the Ski Lodge Bar. Everything was photographed by a local younggun named Gianmarco Allegrini. His photos will be on display until the 3rd of March. To read more about the author, click here and get redirected to Twin Magazine.

We were expecting a smaller dump on Friday that turned out to be much more than expected: a whole 20-30 cm of powder puff landed smoothly in the ski area – we had a blast both Friday and Saturday.

The upcoming week we look forward to welcoming guest chef Christian Hellberg and hope that we will see you around. To make your reservation you just click on this link or give us a call at +41 41 637 35 00. (He will update the Skier’s Dinner as well as the bar menu on both Friday and Saturday. You don’t want to miss this one!)

The weather forecast says there will be another sprinkle of snow on Friday – as the last “sprinkle” turned out to be 20 cm, we have pretty high expectations for this one!

The packages with the best rates are tucked away behind our booking link here. Don’t be shy because they might not be there for long!

Hard Facts:

Snow depth Mountain (Slope, 3.020m): 140 cm, new: 10 cm
Snow depth Location: (1.050m): 30 cm
Snow condition: Powder, partially hard
Latest snowfall : Today
Avalanche alert level: Moderate

Weather and Conditions:

The Ski Lodge Team Foto The Ski Lodge Team Foto

// The Ski Lodge Team

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