Covid-19 information – Switzerland is opening up and so are we at Ski Lodge Engelberg.

Get out in the mountains of engelberg, switzerland!

On 26th of June the Swiss Government went on with easing the rules and bans for Switzerland. As a result of the population getting vaccinated and the low spread of the virus the relaxation of the restrictions could proceed without a problem. There are no longer restrictions on how many persons you can be at a table outdoors nor indoors and things seem to go back to normal again.

We are in summer season and with a new terrace and bar in place we could not be happier. Now we just have to keep the weather gods on our side and hope for a sunny july!

Question and Answers

Are the hotels closed in Switzerland?

No, Hotels are open for everyone. No restrictions apply except that masks must be worn when standing up or walking indoors.

Can I travel to Switzerland?

Yes, if you are vaccinated you do not have to quarantine. If you are not vaccinated the following rules apply: click here. When entering Switzerland via Airplane you must have a covid-19 certificate of vaccination or a negative PCR test if you are flying from countries with a worrying variant of the virus.

Not yet vaccinated persons traveling from

  • India
  • Nepal
  • United Kingdom

must go into Quarantine.

Are there any requirements to wear a mask?

Yes, masks must be worn in any public indoor spaces, for example in restaurants, shops and in enclosed areas of public vehicles.

Am I allowed to eat at a Restaurant, Bar or Terrace?

Yes! The are no rules outdoors: terrace and bar, but it is still compulsory to sit down in indoor areas. (masks may only be removed while seated). In indoor areas contact details must be collected from one person in each group of guests. There is no limit to the number of people per group outdoors, indoors it is limited to 30 people maxumim.

// Ski Lodge Engelberg team

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