New Covid-19 information – Switzerland’s new ordinances and measures from the 13th of September.

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Last Updated 28st of November 2021

The Swiss Government decided to follow its neighbouring countries and demand a Covid certificate for different indoor activities. As a result of the population not getting vaccinated and the high spread of the virus, the relaxation of the restrictions could not proceed. Although the restrictions are still less than before, the government now puts high pressure on its population to get vaccinated.

Question and Answers

Is everything closed in Switzerland?

No, everything is open, but there are restricted areas where you are only allowed to enter if you have a valid negative covid test or a vaccine certification.

Can I travel to Switzerland?

Yes! If you are not vaccinated the following rules apply: click here. When entering Switzerland via Airplane you must have a valid covid-19 certificate of vaccination or a negative RAT or PCR.

Do I need to quarantine?

Yes and No. You need to quarantine if your country of origin (from where you fly in) is on this list.

Is it complicated to travel to Switzerland via airplane?

No, if you are vaccinated you show your covid certificate and fill out a form online.

If you are not vaccinated you take a PCR or RAT test within the limit of time before travel is requested and fill out this form.

Do I have the correct Certification QR CODE?

If your Certificate is not valid in Switzerland: You can validate it here .

Are there any requirements to wear a mask?

Yes, masks must be worn in any public indoor spaces, for example, shops and in enclosed areas of public vehicles.

Am I allowed to eat at a Restaurant, Bar or Terrace?

Yes! The are no rules outdoors: terrace and bar.

In indoor areas, you are only allowed to enter indoor restaurants with a valid covid-19 certificate of vaccination or a negative RAT or PCR. (you are allowed to enter indoor facilities without certification when you go to the toilet, but then a mask should be worn).

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