Dark and Stormy – Snow Report 4th Jan

Secret Lift during storm.

IS NOT ONLY A DRINK, it is also the kind of weather that makes you wanna sue Netflix for not stocking up enough series. Wait what? Yes, when everything is closed and you barely make it out the door you are gonna need some serious stacks of entertainment, or try that meditation app you downloaded but never use…

But let’s rewind a bit. We did have a really good week. The powder refill at the end of last week was a welcome sight for sore eyes (from the sun), and it made us confident that the snow would stay on the ground. We got  a fair amount of 50 cm on the base layer and didn’t have anything to complain about until Wednesday. Yesterday morning was a full on storm and a bit too warm up until 2000 m. It made our confidence wind down a bit, no pun intended, because of the strong winds and rain. It does snow up on the top and down to Stand, but Laub and Brunni could be a bit endangered – but hopefully not for long. Cold degrees are seen on the weather channels from Trübsee and up. Hopefully, this promise will be kept and it stays cold tomorrow and the rest of this week.

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Hard Facts:

Snow depth Mountain (Slope, 3.020m): 480 (New: 15cm!)
Snow depth Location (1.050m): 30 cm
Snow condition: Powder, partially wet
Latest snowfall: Today
Avalanche alert level: High!

Danger description

Numerous medium-sized and large avalanches are to be expected. Avalanches capable of reaching the valleys must be expected. The peak of avalanche activity will probably be reached in the afternoon.
Exposed buildings and transportation routes are endangered over a wide area. Temporary safety measures are to be reviewed.
The conditions are very dangerous for snow sports activities outside marked and open pistes.

Wet and full-depth avalanches

As a consequence of the rain numerous full-depth and wet avalanches are to be expected below approximately 2000 m. Slides can occur on cut slopes. Exposed parts of transportation routes can be endangered.


At midday at 2000 m, +2 °C in the Prealps, about 0 °C in the Alps and in southern regions.
Winds will be westerly to northwesterly, blowing strong up to storm-strength.
Weather and conditions:

// Ski Lodge Team

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