Engelberg is Firing up- Snow Report 8th Feb

Snowboarding in Engelberg.

PHOTO: Lili Hut

Snow on the Schedule

After a Another Monday and Tuesday with amazing skiing in waist deep powder, we are looking forward to another refill on Sunday/Monday. Our only wonder is how much the wind will destroy or not destroy.

In the meantime we have some live music tonight (Anders “Moneybrother” Wendin) and a Warren Miller movie MEGA AFTER SKI tomorrow with Engelberg segment and Marcus Caston and Johan Jonsson on stage.

Let the weekend begin! (See you in the powder cloud on Tuesday!)

Hard Facts:

Snow depth Mountain (slope, 3.020m): 552 cm
Snow depth Village (1.050m): 83 cm
Snow condition: Powder
Latest snowfall: today
Avalanche alert level: 3, Significant!


weather in Engelberg this wek.

Avalanche Report for Engelberg


Danger description Engelberg

As a consequence of a strong to storm force westerly wind, avalanche prone wind slabs will form. These are to be avoided in steep terrain.
Additionally avalanches can also be released in the old snowpack and reach dangerously large size. These avalanche prone locations are to be found in particular at transitions from a shallow to a deep snowpack and in areas close to the tree line. Isolated whumpfing sounds can indicate the danger.
Ski touring and other off-piste activities, including snowshoe hiking, call for defensive route selection.

Gliding avalanches – Be aware

In particular on very steep sunny slopes medium-sized and, in isolated cases, large gliding avalanches are possible below approximately 2200 m. Caution is to be exercised in areas with glide cracks.

Weather forecast through Saturday, 09.02.2019
During the night, skies will be heavily overcast and a small amount of intermittent snowfall is expected on the northern flank of the Alps and in the western regions. During the daytime, it will be intermittently sunny in all regions of Switzerland.


Fresh snow

Between Friday evening and Saturday morning, the following amounts of fresh snow are anticipated above 1500 m:

  • western Lower Valais, northern flank of the Alps: only a few centimetres;
  • in the other regions of Switzerland it will remain dry.


At midday at 2000 m, between -4 °C in northern regions and -2 °C in southern regions.


During the night in the Jura region, in the Valais and on the northern flank of the Alps, winds will be stormy in some places; during the daytime and in the remaining regions of Switzerland, predominantly strong-velocity westerly winds will prevail at high altitudes.


Outlook through Monday, 11.02.2019

On Sunday in eastern regions, skies will still be bright in the early morning as a result of foehn conditions, in the other regions skies will be heavily overcast. During the course of the day, snowfall will set in from the west. 10 to 20 cm of fresh snow is anticipated. A strong to storm-strength southwesterly wind will be blowing.
On Monday, snowfall will prevail over widespread areas and be persistent. In the Valais, on the northern flank of the Alps and in northern Grisons, 30 to 50 cm of fresh snow is expected by evening. The winds will be blowing at strong to storm strength from westerly to northwesterly directions.
Starting on Sunday evening, avalanche danger will increase over widespread areas, significantly so in the major areas of precipitation.

Weather and conditions:

// The Ski Lodge Team

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