Engelberg is not for a Family Vacay you say? Think Again.

Powder turns in Engelberg.

Why Engelberg is so much more than just freeriding and powder stress.

Nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Engelberg is a charming resort that is a popular choice among families. Those who visit Engelberg are greeted by picturesque views and reliable snow cover. What’s not to like? But, many people are still in the dark about what makes Engelberg so great. We’re here to change that!

Here’s why Engelberg is the perfect family resort.

Titlis vs. Brunni

Engelberg has a varied selection of slopes. The Titlis ski area is home to challenging terrain that is unsuitable for smaller skiers. But, for the adults looking for some time away from the kids on the slopes, there’s plenty of steep red runs that can satisfy any powder-cravings.

Engelberg is home to some exciting off-piste options that provide a challenge even for those who fancy themselves an expert on the slopes. Keen skiers can take advantage of the wide, steep slopes and incredible views. Read our own Magazine Ski Lodge Bulletin to get to know the runs better! And if you choose to have a day on the Titlis side with the kids – have basecamp on Trübsee Restaurant! There one of you can keep the kids occupied with the small ski slope on the flat or go sledding while your partner takes a few powder laps.

So – powder skiing doesn’t mean the smaller skiers are left out! In fact, it means quite the opposite.

Brunni side is an even more family-friendly, and smaller ski area where young travelers can easily make their first tracks into the snow. The pistes found in the Brunni area are much less intimidating, home to gentle slopes on which younger skiers can explore. Here our best tip is to have basecamp on restaurant Ristis, next to the kid’s area (it is huge so you will not miss it) and then change skier from there. Optimal would be if you are two families traveling together so that you never have to ski alone!

Clearly, Engelberg has something to offer every member of the family!(Activities in Engelberg Summer and Winter)

What makes the whole switch from mountainside even easier is the free shuttle buses provided by the Tourist Office, they go frequently every day and makes it easier to travel with children. (and if you need to do some last minute shopping)

Good Snow Cover

Engelberg might be overshadowed by some of the Alpine giants, but it has one clear win over most resorts. It can boast a good amount of snowfall thanks to its high, shady slopes. This is great news for the whole family! For any smaller skiers, good snow cover makes their first-time on the slopes a much more enjoyable experience. There’s less of the hidden icy patches or slushy parts that can make skiing difficult! If there’s one thing a skier wants, it’s good snow. Luckily, Engelberg can promise great snowfall to those visiting its slopes!

Activities Off the Slopes

There’s so much to do! Engelberg is known for being quiet in comparison to the hustle and bustle of some of the larger resorts. But, this doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do off the slopes! You have something to entertain the whole family, with plenty of restaurants that offer great food and a lively atmosphere. Is there a better way to unwind after a day on the slopes?

The resort is popular in both summer and winter among families. Despite being the perfect winter paradise, the resort doesn’t wind down as the snow melts. In the summer, kids and adults alike can enjoy activities such as a cycling, golf, and hiking – there’s even a toboggan run! That’s not all! The resort is home to the exciting annual event known as the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Engelberg, which is a jaw-dropping event the entire family can enjoy.

So, there’s no chance to be bored off the slopes!

High-Tech Lift System

What’s something that all kids hate? Queuing. In fact, even adults who have been skiing for years hate the dreaded lift queue. Luckily, Engelberg upgraded its main gondola so that it can carry more passengers much quicker, which is great news for adults and children alike!

Oozing Village Charm

Engelberg makes a refreshing change from some of the huge, purpose-built resorts. The village has managed to retain its traditional, Alpine charm! An added bonus? This unspoiled landscape makes for some great photo opportunities. Engelberg’s relaxed atmosphere is infectious! Everyone visiting the resort is friendly, and more than happy to unwind in the bar at the end of the day.

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Photo courtesy of Engelberg Tourism.

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