Engelberg Snow Report 6th of February.

Powder Alert!

Skier skiing powder under a large rock face

We’ve experienced ALL the weather this week. Cold sunny days, warm, socked-in conditions, to a full on blizzard. You name it, we skied in it. But we all know that a day spent in the mountains is a good day regardless of the conditions, right?  

Engelberg Snow Report 6th of February.
Powder Alert!

What have we been up to lately in Engelberg?

After days of sunshine, fog, and anticipation, the snow has finally started to fall here in Engelberg. It came in a bit heavier with the warmer temperatures, which is great for our base. As the snow starts to compact and fill in all of the holes and cover the rocks, our odds of a killer spring start to climb. We have a few sunny days in the forecast, so we’re looking forward to a pretty epic week. 

Familiar Faces at the Ski Lodge Engelberg

We’ve had so many friendly faces around Ski Lodge lately. Alexander Rydén joined us for a couple of weeks. We loved watching him find all the nooks and crannies around the mountain- and making it look good.

The LINE Skis athletes also popped by this week for a content creation trip. So nice to have these smiling faces around! 

Guests at Ski Lodge Engelberg, line skis crew team week!

Forest Ledger, Riis Wilbrecht, Johnny Egan, and Isaac Freeland are a crew from the US here making a Vlog on the lodge and skiing in Engelberg. They’re basically locals now, and we love their energy! Check out their socials for some squad goals. 

Engelberg Snow Report 6th of February.
Powder Alert!

January is a perfect time to host conferences and events at Ski Lodge. We’ve had a number of fantastic companies bring their staff here this month to work, dine, and of course ski! The teams from Titlis, Brunni, and the Tourist office hosted a beautiful dinner with athletes, content creators and influencers (see photo below!). Shoot us an email if you’d like to plan something with us!

Engelberg Snow Report 6th of February.
Powder Alert!

Finally, we had a nice surprise visit from Marc Warner of the Low Pressure Podcast. He did a great episode here at Ski Lodge with Aymar Navarro last year! Have a listen! 

Hard Facts

Snow depth Mountain (slope, 3.020m): 114 cm

Snow depth Location (1.050m): 19 cm

Snow condition: powder, partially hard

Latest snowfall: Feb 5

Avalanche alert level: Danger level “considerable” (3=) at all exposures over 1800m. Other slopes about one danger level less.

Snow pack (from avalanche bulletin): With strong southerly winds, fault-prone snowdrift accumulations occur at night. Avalanches can reach medium size. Snowdrift accumulations should be avoided in steep terrain.

In addition, isolated avalanches can also be triggered in deeper layers. Such danger spots are mainly at transitions from little to much snow. Booming noises can indicate danger.

Tours and off-piste descents require careful route selection.

Weather and Conditions in Engelberg





// Snowy Regards from Your Friends at Ski Lodge Engelberg

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