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Engelberg Snow Report – December 18, 2023

Skier doing a spin off of a small cliff drop.

We’re feeling very festive at the moment. The sun has been shining, the lights are twinkling, the temperatures are cold, and the snow is holding up beautifully! 

The best part about winter here at Ski Lodge is having all of our friends come to visit again. This week we welcomed the Bunch back here at Ski Lodge: Emil Granbom, Magnus Graner, Alric Ljunghager, Pär “Peyben” Hägglund, and Alex Hackel. Coming from Stockholm, you can take a pretty easy two and a half hour flight. Our pals decided to take the more scenic route this time however, with a 26 hour train ride! We love this sense of adventure, and think it’s a fantastic idea for visitors living in Europe who have a couple of extra days. 

Since the Bunch has been here, they’ve been showcasing the favorable conditions we’re enjoying this December. They are such creative skiers and creators- check out their instagram if you need a few hours of inspiration. 

Haven’t planned your holiday vacation yet? We have an idea… It looks like Engelberg is about to receive a mega snow refresh, and we still have a few rooms available! Book now online, or send our friendly reception team an email at

Hard Facts

Snow depth Mountain (slope, 3020m): 134 cm

Latest snowfall: Fri, 15.12.

Avalanche alert level: (from WhiteRisk avalanche bulletin): Moderate (2-) Individual avalanche prone locations for dry avalanches are to be found on very steep slopes. In very isolated cases avalanches can be triggered in the old snowpack and reach medium size. Caution is to be exercised in areas where the snow cover is rather shallow. As a consequence of a moderate westerly wind, small wind slabs will form in the afternoon especially adjacent to ridgelines and in pass areas. Meticulous route selection is advisable.

Snow pack (from WhiteRisk avalanche bulletin): At high altitudes, there is about twice as much snow in many areas as there normally is in mid-December. The snowpack structure is generally favourable. Weak layers in the old snowpack are sometimes present around older rain crusts but are so deep in much of the snowpack that it is unlikely they would be released by people. Avalanches triggered by people in these weak layers were last reported on Saturday on the central part of the Main Alpine Ridge. In southern Upper Valais, Ticino, Moesano, Val Bregaglia and Val Poschiavo, there are average snow depths at altitude. In these regions, older weak layers may be released by people in isolated cases.

Gliding avalanches are still to be expected, especially below 2400 m. These may become particularly substantial on the northern flank of the Alps and in Lower Valais.

Weather and Conditions in Engelberg

// Snowy Regards from Your Friends at Ski Lodge Engelberg

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