Engelberg Snow Report – February 26, 2023 – WE SEE YOU, WINTER!

Skiers ski touring up through beautiful rock formations on a sunny day

Winter is back in Engelberg. We never stopped having fun, but boy oh boy this new snow was a much-welcome gift from mother nature! The couple of dry weeks leading into this weather system seem to make it all even sweeter. 

Engelberg Snow Report – February 26, 2023 – WE SEE YOU, WINTER!
Oskar Enander and Marcus Caston doing what they do best.

The snowfall seemed to miraculously pinpoint straight on Engelberg, with a whopping 63 cms falling in the past 3 days. It came in with some strong winds, loading up some of our favorite secret stashes with chest-deep magic. 🙂 If you know where to go, things are never truly “tracked out” here, so we look forward to some mellow sunny days ahead of us until the winds bring in the next snowfall. 

The Lodge has been full of friendly faces this past week, some new and some old. We love this time of year, where our new friends just experiencing Engelberg for the first time bring the stoke, and our long time returning guests bring the knowledge and the good stories. If we’re taking scientifically, I believe we can call this symbiosis…?

A couple of those long time friends are Mattias Fredriksson and Chad Sayers. They are each a core piece of Ski Lodge history, making some of the most beautiful ski photography we’ve ever witnessed. Chad recently published a beautiful book documenting some of his adventures throughout his career, titled ‘Overexposure’. Stop by our lobby or his socials to get a glimpse!

Also in house this week are the talented Niklas Söderlund and Alexander Cederquist Svensson, shooting a documentary. Stay tuned for more on this…!

Engelberg Snow Report – February 26, 2023 – WE SEE YOU, WINTER!
Alexander and Niklas in the zone

Need some palate invigoration? Look no further.

Our Brasserie Konrad chefs have been hard at work developing a new menu, and it rolled out this week. We could try to explain how delicious these new dishes are, but you really should just come taste for yourself.


Last but definitely not least, we celebrated Fat Tuesday with our homemade traditional Swedish Semla. The only words for this would be: Chef’s kiss.

Engelberg Snow Report – February 26, 2023 – WE SEE YOU, WINTER!

Hard Facts

Snow depth Mountain (slope, 3.020m): 135 cm

Snow depth Location (1.050m): 3 cm

Snow condition: powder, partially hard

Latest snowfall: Today

Avalanche alert level: Danger level “moderate” (2-) on south-west, north and north-east slopes over 2200m. Other slopes about one danger level less.

Snow pack (from avalanche bulletin)

Moderate to strong winds resulted in snowdrift accumulations that were prone to disruption. These are mostly small.

The fresh and somewhat older snowdrift accumulations should be assessed with caution.

Weather and Conditions in Engelberg





// Snowy Regards from Your Friends at Ski Lodge Engelberg

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