Engelberg Snow Report – February 28, 2024

Skier making a turn down a steep snow face.

With almost three meters of snow at the top of Titlis right now, it’s safe to say we’re having a nice ski season here in Engelberg. We’ve had a few helpings of new snow over the past week that are keeping things nice and cruisy for us out there. Even better news? There’s more on the way!

Snow Update

For those of you who joined us last year, things couldn’t be more different up high. We have such a solid base of snow, our skis are still looking fresh! Now with every new dusting of snow, it just keeps getting better and better. Last week we had quite a bit of wind come in, so terrain management is critical. The good news is the current base is stable, and the new layers are slowly stabilizing. There is a big storm on its way to the Alps, and we’ve got our fingers crossed it passes through here! 

A Ski Content Haven

Throughout the winter, we are so lucky to welcome an international group of pro skiers and riders working with a wide range of brands. They often come to Engelberg for photo and video shoots, because you can always find fresh snow and stunning views. This past week a crew from Blizzard Tecnica has been here working on a video project for the launch of a groundbreaking new ski. 

We’re having a stellar season, so why don’t you join us?! Let’s go skiing

Hard Facts

Snow depth Mountain (slope, 3020m): 285 cm

Latest snowfall: Saturday, 24.02.24

Avalanche alert level (from WhiteRisk avalanche bulletin): 

Moderate (2=)Dry avalanches. NESW>2000m. Danger level “moderate” (2=) in west to north to east facing aspects above 2000m. Wind slab: The fresh and older wind slabs are in some cases prone to triggering. They are to be found in particular in gullies and bowls, and behind abrupt changes in the terrain. Avalanches can in some places be released by people. They can reach medium size in isolated cases.
Careful route selection is recommended.

Moderate (2) Wet-snow avalanches. NESW <2600m. Danger level “moderate” (2) in all aspects below 2600m. Gliding snow: More gliding avalanches are possible. These can reach large size. Areas with glide cracks are to be avoided as far as possible.

Snow pack (from WhiteRisk avalanche bulletin): The large amount of new snow in the south over the last six days is increasingly settling and consolidating. Here, the near-surface layers in particular are still prone to triggering.

In general, the new snow and wind slabs of recent days overlay a mostly compact old snowpack, mostly containing many crusts and, between them, layers with a faceted crystal structure. Only a few fractures in these deeper layers have been observed recently. 

Individual gliding avalanches are still possible, primarily on east-, south- and west-facing slopes below approximately 2600 m and more rarely on north-facing slopes below approximately 2200 m. These may be large.

Weather and Conditions in Engelberg





// Snowy Regards from Your Friends at Ski Lodge Engelberg

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