Engelberg Snow Report – March 20, 2023.

Skier and dog high fiving on the mountain.

The vibe has been ALIVE here in Engelberg this past couple of weeks. A few nice little snow refreshes have left us with some of those sneaky epic days, and we’ve really soaked it up. The birds are starting to chirp, and the terrace has been perfect for after-ski cocktails. 

There’s good, soft snow just about everywhere on the mountain right now. Spring conditions down low, and powder up high. Such a nice time of year, where layering becomes much less complicated, and we make sure to pack our shades and sun block. As we move towards the end of winter, the days are also getting longer, as multi-sport days start becoming an option for us. Our biking, hiking, and climbing gear is all starting to creep out from winter storage. 🙂 

We’ve had so many friends join us lately– too many to list them all! Some nice highlights include our new pals from the US, Griff and Mitchy Dunne. They are former FWT riders based in Jackson, and we loved watching them explore our terrain!

Ski Lodge X Blizzard Tecnica… A party match made in heaven

This past Saturday we had the opportunity to join forces with Blizzard Tecnica and Freeride Days Engelberg for a very special After Ski shindig. Three DJs, custom cocktails, and a whole lot of dancing. We love getting to partner with brands that share our passion for skiing, and of course who know how to apres. 🙂 

Monday Burger Bonanza!

That’s right, No more Sunday scaries for you, because every Monday you can look forward to a SLE Burger (or Veggie Burger) + Beer for 30 CHF.  The perfect pairing to kick off the work week. 

Engelberg Snow Report - March 20, 2023.

Hard Facts

Snow depth Mountain (slope, 3.020m): 131 cm

Snow condition: powder, partially hard

Latest snowfall: Wed, 15.03

Avalanche alert level: Danger level “considerable” (3-) on north-west over north-east slopes over 2200m. Other slopes about one danger level less.

Old snow, fresh snow

The new snow is deposited on a weak old snowpack. Avalanches can be triggered in places in the weak old snow and sometimes become large. These danger spots are mainly on steep north-facing slopes and in places where there is little snow.
Tours require experience in assessing avalanche danger. Defensive route choice is necessary, especially on steep northern slopes.

Wet avalanches

Spontaneous wet avalanches are to be expected. This is on northern slopes below around 2000 m and on eastern, southern and western slopes below around 2400 m.

Snow pack (from avalanche bulletin)

Particularly on north-facing slopes above 2200 m, there are widespread, angular weak layers in the snowpack. In Valais and on the northern slopes of the Alps, these weak layers are usually heavily covered. Avalanches can still be triggered there in places, and particularly in areas with little snow, in these angular old snow layers. In Graubünden and in northern Ticino, these weak layers are closer to the snow surface. In Graubünden in particular, they can still be triggered easily in some cases. Numerous avalanche reports during the last week confirm the unfavorable snowpack structure. Places where avalanches can be triggered by people are slowly becoming less frequent, but large avalanches are still possible for the time being.

Weather and Conditions in Engelberg





// Snowy Regards from Your Friends at Ski Lodge Engelberg

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