Engelberg Snow Report – March 4, 2024

A beautiful, hazy mountain landscape with a chairlift and triangle shaped cloud.

It’s been a blustery, wintery week here in Engelberg. The hard-core skiers and riders found themselves battling out the wind but reaping the rewards. Steinberg was just about as smooth as it gets from all of that wind, making it extra cruisy. According to the forecasts, we’ve got storms on the way. The ski season is nowhere near over! 

A landscape photo of a cliffband with a series of couloirs.

Skiing Sulz’s Frontside Couloirs

Coming to Engelberg and hoping for some steep couloir action? These hidden gems should pique your interest. Titlis is well known for its massive, open faces like Steinberg and Laub. But if you’re interested in making tight turns on narrow steeps, you’re going to want to visit Sulz’s couloirs. NOTE: This is out of bounds, serious avalanche terrain. You face exposure to wind pockets, rocks, and cliff bands when entering. Please reach out to any of our wonderful guides at Engelberg Mountain Guides if you’re new to the area or just want an extra layer of safety.  

The S Couloir

This truly is an Engelberg classic. Somewhat resembling the shape of an <S>, this line is likely the most mellow of the three, depending on the rockyness of the entrance. It has a nice consistent pitch, and is wide enough to make normal (not hop) turns. You access it from Middle Sulz, hanging right after the first big section. 

The Bottle (Flaschen) Couloir

The Bottle is named aptly as well, starting off quite wide before narrowing and expanding at the apron. You can access it after skiing the first big section of Middle Sulz and taking a right. It is located skier’s right of the S couloir. You’ll start off feeling cruisy in the wide opening of the couloir, before a quick bottleneck requiring a straight line and sometimes a hop over a rock or two. After the bottleneck, you’re easy breezy out on the apron. 

A skier skiing down a steep, narrow couloir.

The Adrenaline (Adrenalin) Couloir

The Adrenaline Couloir comes by its name honestly. With up to a 50 degree pitch, this is sure to get your blood pumping. There are a few ways to enter, the easiest being on skier’s left. It can be tricky to find, so we highly recommend going with a guide or a local who knows the area. This couloir gets heavy wind loading, so proceed with caution. About two-thirds of the way down you will need to take a sharp right to avoid a cliff band. Then it’s nice and open down towards the apron and Big Sulz. 

A skier making a turn in a couloir.

Want to get steep with us? Book your stay! And don’t forget: if you ski a steep line you immediately earn a burger and a beer at the end of the day. Don’t ask why, it’s science.

Hard Facts

Snow depth Mountain (slope, 3020m): 279 cm

Latest snowfall: Friday, 01.03.24

Avalanche alert level (from WhiteRisk avalanche bulletin): 

Considerable (3-)Dry avalanches

NESW. >2200m. Danger level “considerable” (3-) in west to north to east facing aspects above 2200m. Wind slab: As a consequence of a storm force southerly wind, sometimes avalanche prone wind slabs formed on Sunday. Single winter sport participants can release avalanches. They can reach medium size. The fresh wind slabs are clearly recognisable to the trained eye. They are to be evaluated with care and prudence in steep terrain.

Moderate (2)Wet-snow avalanches.

NESW. <2400m. Danger level “moderate” (2) in all aspects below 2400m. Gliding snow: On steep grassy slopes more gliding avalanches are possible. These can in isolated cases reach large size. Areas with glide cracks are to be avoided as far as possible.

Snow pack (from WhiteRisk avalanche bulletin): An unusually large amount of new snow has fallen in the south in recent days, accompanied by strong southerly winds since Saturday afternoon. A widespread compact layer of snow from the repeated snowfall last week lies beneath the large amount of fresh snow that has fallen in recent days. In the northern regions, the strong southerly foehn wind displaced a lot of loose snow and some large wind slabs that are prone to triggering have formed.

The old snowpack is compact in many places under the layers of new snow and snowdrift from the last week. However, it also contains various crusts and, between them, layers with a faceted crystal structure, in which avalanches have been repeatedly released by people in recent days, especially in the inneralpine regions.

Gliding avalanches are still possible, primarily on east-, south- and west-facing slopes below approximately 2400 m and more rarely on north-facing slopes. These may be large in isolated cases in the north and more often in the south.

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