Hiking in Engelberg

Hiking in Engelberg

The hiking and mountain running in Engelberg have always been good, but now it’s developing and becoming nothing less than great. (go directly to the hiking map here) Added access with the farmer lifts gives you opportunities to cover new ground.

The hiking trails are there since long before our time and the markup of them are always in great conditions nowadays. There is no need to get confused or worried you’ll lose yourself along a trail. It might be a bit longer or shorter than you anticipated, but lost you will not be.

The best thing about this valley is the gondolas and farmer lifts that take you to where you want to be for runs on a higher elevation or ease your pain. (If you’re not in your top form the day in question.) We would never judge anyone who takes a lift to places just to be able to go the whole way. It’s sometimes a pretty smart alternative – and hey! maybe next time you’ll go all the way from the bottom.

The Farmer lift safari and all the info you need you’ll find here. It is a great way to go about with kids aswell, it is really something out of the ordinary!

Our best tips are these…


The Alpine Cheese factory trail is a good excursion if you want to do marathon-length hiking with some fun stops along the way. The hiking is not hard, but the distance is a mouthful even without the cheese. (pun intended)

Walk around the Trübsee lake and up to Jochpass. Take the lift from Titlis valley station and up to Trübsee – walk around the lake to Jochpass valley station, go slightly left and up you go on the lookers left side. Then have a nice lunch at Jochpass Restaurant. It’ll take you no more than 2 hours.

The road up to Rugghubelhutte is scenic from Engelberg.
The path up to Rugghubelhütte is scenic…

Take a day hike on the sunny side! Go up with the Brunni lift and walk up to Brunnihütte S.A.C, It will take you 40 min, or you could walk 5,5 km to your right and end up at Rugghubelhütte. This trail will lead you to a nice lunch restaurant and mountain lodge. It will probably take you 2,5 hours and have a fantastic view.


Hike Engelberg – Trübsee – Stand. This will take you a while and a lot of calories. Walk up under the Titlis gondola lift and up to Trübsee. Then take the left ridge behind the old two person chairlift and walk the “panorama weg” up to stand, then take the gondola down.

Take a walk over to Melchseefrutt. Buy a day pass at Titlis valley station, or up and down to Jochpass with the Engstlen lift included. Go up to Jochpass and walk on the right side of the Engstlen Lift, on a traverse. From there you’ll just walk on a path that feels like it’s traversing right all the time, because it is. When at Melchseefrutt you can have lunch and then start walking back. Take the Engstlen lift up and jochpass lift down to the Titlis gondola from Trübsee again. Make sure you don’t miss the last one, walking in the dark is only fun if you bring headlamps!


Four lakes trail is 24.8 km and will take you about 8 hours on foot including lunchbreak. It is a classic hike to do whilst in this area and the views are amazing. Bring water and look at the supporting bus and train schedules. From the end destination Stöckalp youll need to take a bus to Kerns and then onwards to Engelberg by train.

Spannorthutte photo by Ski Lodge Engelberg Staff.
Spannorthütte S.A.C

Spannorthütte S.A.C is a great choice if you wan’t some more air around you on your hike. Start from Engelberg train station and take the free shuttle bus to Fürenalp. From there you walk into the valley in direction Stäfeli and surenenpass. After Stäfeli (buy some cheese there, it’s great!) you continue up a bit and then take a right up a wall. (yes it will feel like a wall) From there you have aprox 2 hours more of hiking to get up to the lodge. Either you stay over and take the homemade three-course meal and watch the sunrise the day after. Or you walk down again. Up to you. Just remember to book your sleeping space before you decide to stay over!

That’s about it for now, gives you a small hunch on what to do in Engelberg during summer. There is a lot more to see and experience, but maybe for the next trip 😉

// Ski Lodge Team

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