Midweek Delivery – Snow Report 22nd March

William Larsson getting teh light and the powder in Engelberg.

PHOTO: Elias Lundh RIDER: William Larsson

Midweek Package seems to be the best deal this winter!

This week, no different from the last. New snow on Tuesday and Wednesday day/night and a foggy wake-up call. Above 2800m it was sunny almost all day with some clouds rolling in and out, but on the top, it was as fine as it can be. Top part a bit wind-packed though. The heavy clouds didn’t roll out until Thursday Morning, But then what a day it was. Blower powder and lots of cold snow to cover up your knees and beyond. If you went one turn searching you could dig yourself in pretty deep. Two teams where here filming this week. DPS Skis and clothing brand Stellar Equipment. No sour faces in sight, despite the foggy start they got to experience some of the finest powder this season! It was great having both of them in and around the house, and we think they got what they came for…

We are getting a reset next week, so go on and get down here midweek, come by and see for yourself!

Hard Facts:

Snow depth Mountain (slope, 3.020m): 665 cm
Snow depth Location (1.050m): 20 cm
Snow condition: Powder!
Latest snowfall: yesterday
Avalanche alert level: Significant

Danger description

The mostly small snow drift accumulations of the last few days are in some cases prone to triggering. They are to be found in particular adjacent to the ridge line and in pass areas. At elevated altitudes, avalanche prone locations are more prevalent and the danger is slightly greater. Careful route selection is recommended.

Wet avalanches as the day progresses, Full-depth avalanches

As a consequence of warming during the day and solar radiation moist snow slides and avalanches are to be expected. Below approximately 2400 m individual full-depth avalanches are possible, including quite large ones. Caution is to be exercised in areas with glide cracks.

Wind will be predominantly light.
In northern regions, skies will frequently be overcast. In the inner alpine regions, in general in high alpine regions, and in southern regions, it will be rather sunny. The danger of dry-snow avalanches will decrease, however only slowly in the Valais and in Grisons, due to weak layers inside the old snowpack. The danger of wet-snow avalanches is expected to increase somewhat over the course of the day as a result of solar radiation. Gliding avalanches are possible, including quite large-sized releases.
In northern regions, a small amount of snowfall is anticipated above approximately 1000 m. In southern regions, it will be sunny in some places. The danger of dry-snow avalanches can increase somewhat in northern regions. The danger of wet-snow avalanches will increase to some extent over the course of the day as a consequence of solar radiation. Gliding avalanches are possible in all regions of Switzerland, including large-sized releases.
Weather and conditions:

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Unexpected run, it was deep and fun. 👌🏻 #powder

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