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Ski lodge Engelberg Team finished with a leadership course made by Mount To Lead.

Leadership, Personal Development & Team Training

Here at Ski Lodge Engelberg, we like to mix things up a bit, our team efforts directly corresponds to what our guests feel and how they perceive their time spent here. This leadership training is built upon our core value “fall in love with the mountains” and executed by professionals in the field. Magnus Åkesson – Learning & Development Manager, Work Life Pedagogue and Professional Coach and Anna Thöresson Bergh – Human Resource Expert and experienced Travel Coordinator. We are happy to welcome them to our place and hope to get to know their strategies for high-performance teams.

On Alpine Ski, Mountain Bike or Hiking – you choose.

Training leadership on the mountain with mount to lead.


The development program is integrated with outdoor activities. We practice on vital leadership tools to reach goals, coach for high performance and improve through feedback. The mountain is our learning platform and all activities are level independent, from beginners to advanced.


  • Because you really will make a difference back home with effective leadership and skilled team members with a sunny smile on their faces and ready to work.
  • It’s fun, healthy and time-saving to do alpine sports while you engage in learning and development.
  • Research shows that tools and skills have to be practised in real situations where they are needed, not in artificial classroom setups.
  • You get to know yourself and each other in new ways while doing something different together.

Join the open courses that are arranged for individual leaders, entrepreneurs, salespersons and others. Or participate as a group and have a special arrangement designed to really build up your team. The language is English so it’s a great opportunity to practice company English (can also be arranged in Swedish).


We stay at Ski Lodge Engelberg, a high standard hotel with a great atmosphere that is a meeting spot for people who love mountains. Breakfast and dinner are served at the Ski Lodge in the famous restaurant Brasserie Konrad, for lunch we make stops at the many charming restaurants in the mountain area and we explore different opportunities for after-work activities. Within the special arrangement, it is possible to visit some of the exclusive restaurants in the village and more.

All equipment and gear necessary for safe skiing, MBT or hiking is provided. And of course, ski-pass and guidance.

It takes just over an hour by car from Zurich airport and by train you go directly from inside the airport to the Ski Lodge right next to the station in Engelberg. We offer to arrange your travel to Engelberg at request.

Mid training at Trübsee with the coaches.

Day schedule (example)

08.00 Breakfast at the ski Lodge with theory & tools of the day

09.00 Coaching and leadership for high performance during outdoor activity

12.00 Lunch with learning experiences, reflection and next step

01.00 Leading with feedback to improve during outdoor activity

04.00 After-work with learning experiences, reflection and next step

07.30 Dinner at Brasserie Konrad with theory & tools for tomorrow: Personal Power Bases

About the coaches

Magnus Åkesson – Learning & Development Manager, Work Life Pedagogue and Professional Coach.

We have a genuine passion for development, high performance and mountain activities.

Mount to Lead offers a 3-day course in leadership, personal development and team training and at the same time 3 full days of skiing, biking or hiking.

Read more about the concept here.

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