We’re Not Done Yet – Snow Report 5th of April.

Johan and Ina struggeling to reach the top in stormy winds.
Literally, Spring warmth and loving feelings are grasping for our attention. But we are not quite ready yet.

Easter brought us some stormy weather and a hell of a lot of snow. So much, 90cm, that a big part of the mountain was closed Sunday and Monday due to avalanche risk. We didn’t mind though. The reward was a sunny Monday and good snow on all parts except for Steinberg that was closed for skiers. Wise decision from the ski patrol. Strong wind and Foehn (warm winds) arrived shortly after during Monday night and made the snowpack a slightly more unstable. Just a heads up!

Right now we have the Nocco Team in the house. They are skiing, having seminars and just a mighty good time. Today you can see them on Jochpass competing in 80’s clothes in a parallel slalom. Could be a sight you don’t wanna miss!

Now we are skiing with a base layer on 750cm and will be skiing long into May. Jochpass closes 22nd of April but the rest will be open for us to indulge for a longer time. The dump that normally comes between 18th and 25th of April is also something you shouldn’t miss. The snow is often cold in the morning and the sun is shining a bit extra during the sunny lunches and After ski. (yay!)

Hard Facts:

Snow depth Mountain (slope, 3.020m): 740 cm
Snow depth Location (1.050m): 30 cm
Snow condition: Powder! Partially Spring Snow.
Latest snowfall: Sunday
Avalanche alert level: Significant

Danger description

As a consequence of the westerly wind easily released snow drift accumulations have formed. Somewhat older snow drift accumulations are in some cases still prone to triggering. These avalanche prone locations are sometimes covered with fresh snow and barely recognizable. Avalanches can reach the medium size in isolated cases. Back-country touring calls for experience in the assessment of avalanche danger and careful route selection.

Full-depth avalanches, Wet avalanches as the day progresses

On steep east, south, and west facing slopes full-depth and wet avalanches are to be expected below approximately 2400 m. These can reach medium size.

  • Winds in northern regions will be blowing at moderate to strong velocity from western directions;
  • in southern regions winds will to predominantly light to start with, subsequently during the course of the day blowing at moderate to strong velocity from the northwest, extending down into the valleys as northerly foehn wind in the valleys.

Following nights of clear skies, it will be sunny and mild on both days. The zero-degree level is expected to rise to nearly 3200 m in northern regions. In southern regions the zero-degree level will be at 2400 m on Friday, subsequently, rise to 3000 as well on Saturday. Winds will remain light to moderate from southerly directions, in the Alpine valleys of the north, a foehn wind is expected to arise starting on Friday afternoon. The danger of dry-snow avalanches will decrease. The danger of wet-snow and gliding avalanches will increase significantly during the course of each day. Skiing and freeriding tours in outlying terrain should be brought to a close early in the day.

 Weather and conditions:

Apresski in the sun and on our terrace.

// Ski Lodge Team

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