Photo Exhibition «Snow Mountains» by Mischa Palmers

Photo Exhibition «Snow Mountains» by Mischa Palmers

During a limited time, we’re hosting a Photo exhibition in the bar at Ski Lodge Engelberg. Welcome by and grab a cold one with us!

Hard Facts

Vernissage: 9th of January 18.00-19.30
Duration: 9th of January – 2nd of February.
Where: Ski Lodge Bar, Erlenweg 36, Engelberg


Mischa Palmers travels in the mountains every season. In winter,
he is on the lookout for pristine, deep, snow slopes throughout the Alpine region. «Snow Mountains» are more than mountain pictures in the snow. The impressive photographs reflect the calm and fascination of winter. A white blanket covers the landscape. Colors and shapes are reduced to a minimum. The quiet image of winter exerts its very special charm on him.

The reduction to black and white photography fits perfectly for these snowy landscapes. “It‘s not the colorful sunshine days that fascinate me. It‘s the magical, almost mystical light of cloudy or foggy days“ says Mischa Palmers of his passion. Nothing distracts the eye. The play of shadows and shades of gray create their own and very special harmony inherent in the pictures.

The «Snow Mountains» series comes in a limited edition of 10 signed copies per image and per format.

Mischa Palmers has a flair for aesthetic compositions. He completed his education in graphic design at the Lucerne University of Graphic Design and worked many years in advertising. Photography has always been more than just an element of his education – it is his lifelong passion that accompanies and inspires him both at work and in his spare time.

// Mischa Palmer and The Ski Lodge Team

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