POWDER ALERT – Snow Round-Up

POWDER ALERT - Snow Round-Up

We are pretty sure you got the message when you saw the headline – but just to be clear: THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!

After weeks of praying the time has come to reap the goodies. Last week was great with 60 cm of snow all in all and the base layer is getting better and better on the mountain.

The base layer is no problem over 1900 ma.s.l, but as soon as you leave the slopes you should be a bit careful. With the new snow it is not so easy to see the stone sharks – so tread carefully to avoid deep scratches in your beloved skis! If, however, you manage to go full on in the fields and slow down before reaching the bottom, you can easily make it out without a scratch. Just watch out and be careful of where you are going – and don’t blow your entire repertoire at once.

Now we are expecting 37 cm for Saturday morning and so far the forecast has been right (8 cm on Wednesday and 10 cm today). The only problem was the wind, which was blowing a bit stronger than predicted yesterday evening and today. At the time of writing (Thursday 16.01.17, 5.30 pm) it is calm again. Hopefully it will stay this way overnight and tomorrow so the avalanche alert level goes down a notch.

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Hard facts:

Snow report:today 08:03
Mountain (Piste, 3,020m): 50 cm
Snow depth Location (1,050m): 25 cm
Snow condition: Powder
Latest snowfall Region: Wed, 11.01.
Avalanche alert level: Significant

Weather and conditions:


POWDER ALERT - Snow Round-Up POWDER ALERT - Snow Round-Up

See you up on the mountain!

// Ski Lodge Team

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