Raum im Hinterdorf: 5 questions to Sandra Marti

Raum im Hinterdorf – 5 Fragen an Sandra Marti

We hooked up with Sandra Marti to ask a couple of questions about her yoga studio “Raum in Hinterdorf” here in Engelberg. A perfect way to begin – or end – a day on the slopes.

1. What is “raum”?

“raum” is a venue where many different things can take place. There are ongoing yoga and Cantienica courses and we also offer massages. We would like to offer “room” (“raum”) for recreation, relaxation and exercise in its various forms using different approaches. We are also open to workshops and seminars of various types. Our “raum” literally provides space!

2. Who are the people behind “raum”?

We are four women who ended up in Engelberg because of our shared love for the mountains. We wanted to pass on our knowledge and our experiences. “raum” offers us the ideal platform to realize our full potential.

3. Tell us a little bit about the courses on offer!

There are regular Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Cantienica (deep muscle training) courses. We also offer sporadic workshops on Vinyasa Flow, meditation and other practices.

4. Why should everybody try yoga?

“Yoga is the culture of the future”, says Swami Satyananda. It enriches in many ways and is definitely worth a try. There is a yoga type for every need. Yoga influences the body, mind and soul.

5. Is it going to make me a better skier?

Yoga improves the overall flexibility and stretches and strengthens muscles and tendons. This makes them more flexible and can therefore prevent injuries. It promotes concentration and balance. The posture is improved and the body-consciousness rises. These attributes are important factors in improving ski skills.

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