Re-Opening of The Hotel, Terrace, Bar and Restaurant! Newest Covid-19 rules in Switzerland.

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Latest Updated: 31st of May

After being closed for external guests since the 22nd of December 2020 we are finally able to open up our hotel for everyone. The numbers of infected person are going down as we speak and we hope it stays that way, the back and forth has been hard to navigate even if we have been lucky with very understanding staff and guests the whole season.

From the 31st of May, the Swiss Government has decided that we are allowed to greet external guests to our premises. This means that even during rainy days you can grab a beer in our cosy Bar or Restaurant, the weather ain’t stopping you anymore!

Question and Answers

Are the hotels closed in Switzerland?

No, Hotels are allowed to be open for everyone. No restrictions apply except for that masks must be worn when standing up or walking inside.

Can I travel to Switzerland?

Yes, if you are vaccinated you do not have to quarantine. If you are not vaccinated the following rules apply: click here.

Not yet vaccinated persons traveling from these countries must go into Quarantine.

Am I allowed to eat at a Restaurant, Bar or Terrace?

Yes, from the 31st of May everyone is allowed inside, not only on terraces as the rules were before!

Are the lifts open for everyone in Engelberg, Switzerland?

Yes, all of the lifts are open to the public. Masks must be worn when entering lift stations, chairlifts and gondolas.

What are the rules in restaurants in Switzerland?

You are allowed to sit 4 persons per table inside, and 6 persons per table outside. In every restaurant, Terrace, coffee place or bar you need to “check in” using a trace app. This a very easy procedure and takes about 3 seconds. If you are a bigger group you have to split the group on more tables next to eachother.

Can we go to Events and Private Gatherings in Switzerland?

Yes, as of the 31st of May you are allowed to be on events with no more than 50 persons. Private gatherings inside is allowed for 30 persons, outside you are allowed to be 50 persons.

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