Simon Charrière X Ski Lodge Engelberg

Simon Charrière X Ski Lodge Engelberg


We have made way to welcome yet another artist into the house. This time we have invited Simon, a sketch artist, architect and full on skier. His skiing skills are as good as his drawings and he uses his knowledge of the mountain and his trips to get inspiration. We admire his way of putting his trips on paper and hope you will get inspired by the Exhibition.

His art will be on display from 25th of March to 8th of April.

pssst. Simon has already promised us to do a small permanent piece here in Ski Lodge and we are looking forward to seeing him work sometime between Sunday 25th – Monday 26th of March. (after skiing, of course!)

We asked Simon a couple of questions before he arrives in Engelberg again.

What’s your background like?

I’m a Swiss skier and artist from Fribourg. Nowadays I live in Chamonix all year around.

Skiing has been a big part of your life, when did you first put sticks under your feet?

I started already at the age of 3, with my mom and 2 brothers. Discovered the mountain with the alpine ski club and then freeride/freestyle became more of a lifestyle after some years, mostly in Zinal.

When did you start sketching?

I actually started as a child. I studied to become an architect and had a normal 9-5 job and always dreamed of leaving from that. I got some small assignments and did, for example, the Zinalfreeride poster for 10 years. I have now been working as a sketch artist for the last 4 years, so now I go to the mountains for skiing and drawing!

How does your daily life look like?

I like to ski in the mornings or all day with friends, then I put my ideas on a paper. Travelling is also such an inspiration.

What is your connection to Engelberg?

I discovered Engelberg many years ago but since the last 3 winters, mister “baguette” aka Patrick Vuagnat showed me some of his homespots. I also met Piers through Patagonia and we got a cool session together on the mountain.

What makes Engelberg good/bad for you?

Engelberg is a nice skiing resort with a lot of freeride areas and cliffs. The light and shadows are beautiful as well and it’s often dumping there, it’s good. On top of that, it’s also a legendary spot with a nice history.

Whenever you are in Engelberg – whats the first thing you do – and the last?

First I go skiing! Then I meet friends at Ski Lodge for the last drink 🙂

More about Simon


Interviews with Simon here!

Come by just to see him work, have a chat with him (he is a really nice guy!), or just enjoy his art!


// Ski Lodge Team

Simon Charrière X Ski Lodge Engelberg

Simon Charrière X Ski Lodge Engelberg

  Simon Charrière X Ski Lodge Engelberg  Simon Charrière X Ski Lodge Engelberg

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