Skiing is Believing – Snow Report Fri 2nd Mar

Engelberg 2nd March.
Hold tight to the feeling of whatever keeps you going up on the mountain.

So we had a pretty hard-packed week but could enjoy some glimpse of sun and a small snowfall yesterday morning. These days you really have to focus on what makes you happy, in the end, Powder days comes and goes, but a day on the mountain is only what you make of it. During these hard packed conditions, you become a better skier, it’s a fact.

A reminder from us to you – know where you are going or don’t go at all.

So, The fog was staring us in the face and mostly eating up all of our views in the middle part of the ski area beginning of the week and parts of last week. Apparently, some skiers went down Galtiberg and realized the fog was pretty thick mid-run (!?) and they lost orientation. Since it was late in the afternoon they tried to get picked up by rescue helicopter but didn’t know their exact location, according to our source the description of the run could have been anything from Laub to mid-Steinberg… In the end, they managed to boot up a bit and get out of the thickest fog and get rescued by the patrol crew (this was after they called and said they were out of energy bars and water). 6000 CHF later they were safe in the village. Children, do these things at home and not in our backyard. It annoys the crew and distresses your heart (and wallet).

With that said, we hope everyone buys a map (or Outdoor Guide Engelberg, we have it at the reception!), and to see some more sprinkles of snow during the next days, an unexpected snowfall just arrived, and hopefully, we will get some more next week.

Hard Facts:

Snow depth Mountain (slope, 3.020m): 620 cm
Snow depth Location (1.050m): 15 cm
Snow condition: powder, partially hard
Latest snowfall: Today!
Avalanche alert level: Considerable

Danger description

As a consequence of fresh snow and wind, the previously small snow drift accumulations will increase in size additionally. Even single snow sports participants can release avalanches. The avalanche prone locations are sometimes covered with fresh snow and therefore difficult to recognize. Whumpfing sounds and the formation of shooting cracks when stepping on the snowpack serve as an alarm indicating the danger. Backcountry touring and other off-piste activities call for experience in the assessment of avalanche danger.

Nocturnal winds will be blowing at moderate to strong velocity from southerly directions, in the foehn-exposed regions of the north the southerly foehn wind will be blowing at moderate to strong velocity in places.
Skies will be heavily overcast for the most part and above approximately 1000 m a small amount of snowfall is anticipated over widespread areas, most of it in the furthermost western regions. During the afternoon, bright intervals are expected. At high altitudes, a strong-velocity southwesterly wind will be blowing. The avalanche danger is not expected to change significantly.
During the night in northern regions, a small amount of additional snowfall is anticipated. During the daytime, it will be predominantly sunny, only partly sunny in western regions, subsequently, it will become increasingly overcast during the afternoon. The avalanche danger will diminish incrementally.
Weather and conditions:

// Ski Lodge Team

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