Snorkel Time – Snow Report 14th Feb

Tua coming up for air in front of Elias Lundhs Camera.

PHOTO: Elias Lundh RIDER: Tua Bergquist

If you haven’t seen it already we were in deep during the last days.

Blzzardskis team is at our place shooting so we thought it is wise to give them a cold champagne powder welcome. Between Sunday at 5 pm until Monday around noon, it came down a huge amount of snow, measured to 60cm and more at some locations. Even the sun decided to pop out in the afternoon, whet a welcome huh?

Every single person in the surrounding villages have been up skiing and enjoying the fun and fantastic conditions. Both on Easy access and the more hardcore runs. Some of which we wouldn’t recommend for every man or woman when it is this much snow. If you lose a ski in these conditions, good luck finding it…

More snow is on the radar – From tonight until Thursday night/early Friday morning, it’s another 20cm if we are lucky!

Hard Facts:

Snow depth Mountain (slope, 3.020m): 637 cm
Snow depth Location (1.050m): 40 cm
Snow condition: Powder
Latest snowfall: Monday
Avalanche alert level: Considerable, 3

Danger description

The fresh snow and snow drift accumulations are lying on surface hoar in some places. Avalanches can in some places be released easily and reach medium size. The avalanche prone locations are to be found in particular on wind-loaded slopes. Snow sports activities outside marked and open pistes call for defensive route selection.

The following amounts of snow fell above approximately 1000 m in the period from Sunday evening until Tuesday morning:

  • Northern flank of the Alps: 20 to 40 cm, but up to 60 cm from the Titlis to the Glarus Alps
During the night on the main Alpine ridge from the Simplon to the Bernina region and to the south, moderate to strong from the north.
Outlook Friday
On Thursday snow will fall in the north, and the snowfall level will rise from the west to approximately 1800 m. On Friday there will be snow showers in the north. The south will be partly sunny and dry on both days. The avalanche danger will increase a little in the north and decrease slowly in the south.
Weather and conditions:

// Ski Lodge Team

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