Skitouring Days – Snow Report 22 feb

PHOTO: Daniel Perret , Mountain guide

We were not expecting These snow conditions, but…

There is not much to say, It’s been sun on the forecast for 14 days and we are getting that tingling feeling in our feet. It could be that it’s just so warm that we can actually feel our toes, or that we’ve tried all the off-piste runs on spring extra-icy-on-top-teeth-shattering snow conditions but, what is most likely is that we feel the need for weightless powder turns again.

It looks like we have to settle for these conditions for a while though, sunny skies seem to be the melody for February 2019. Ski touring missions is still on point, but expect spring conditions on more than 70% of the tour, and some powder on the north facing aspects.

In the meantime

We have had really great After skis with to much sunscreen all over the place and tonight we have a live performance in the bar.

New dish on the Brasserie Konrad Menu

Dexter Cow from Wolfenschiessen (20 min travel time to our kitchen) available for two persons and only 5 pieces per night on the weekends. It has been dry aged 15 weeks here at Ski Lodge and it’s is amazingly juicy. The chefs have prepared a Pomme Anna, green beans and smoked butter hollandaise to the meat. It’s crazy good.. Go get it!

Engelberg weather report

Hard Facts:

Snow depth Mountain (slope, 3.020m): 560 cm
Snow depth Village (1.050m): 60 cm
Snow condition: Powder, partly grainy, cold spring snow
Latest snowfall: 11th of Feb
Avalanche alert level: 2, Moderate

Ski Lodge Engelberg staff on mt titlis.

Gliding avalanches

Avalanche prone locations particularly east to south to west facing aspects below approximately 2600m.
Danger description

Until the middle of the day, individual, then as a consequence of warming during the day and solar radiation more gliding avalanches are to be expected. These can reach a large size in isolated cases. Caution is to be exercised in areas with glide cracks.

Weather and conditions:

// Ski Lodge Team

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