Snow on the radar? – Snow Report 24th of April

Yanis and Piers in April 2017

PHOTO: Yannis and Piers enjoying April Powder 2017…

Yes, this is totally true. We are not kidding about this kind of stuff…

We had an unbelievably sunny weekend in our backs but got kind of relieved when it started to rain yesterday evening. Sometimes you just need a break from tanning. 😉

Looking ahead and we are in between surprised and excited. It looks like it is going to snow on Mrt Titlis the whole weekend and experienced as we are, this could actually be something. The April dump might come after all… Yesterday people in the yard were comparing weather reports and forecasts. Some skeptical and some enthusiastic. What will come out of these 5-10cm of snow could be anything from 0-30 cm. It’s kind of a gamble… Hopefully, it will turn out the latter.

weather last week of april 2018.

Hard Facts:

Snow depth Mountain (slope, 3.020m): 700 cm
Snow depth Location (1.050m): 0 cm
Snow condition: Hard, Partially Spring Snow.
Latest snowfall: 16.04.18
Avalanche alert level: Wet Avalanches: Considerable, Dry Avalanches: considerable over the weekend.

Wet avalanches as the day progresses

Outgoing longwave radiation during the night will be reduced. Already in the early morning, individual, then as a consequence of warming during the day and solar radiation wetter and full-depth avalanches are to be expected. The avalanche prone locations are to be found in particular in an east to south to west facing aspects below approximately 3000 m and on north-facing slopes below approximately 2500 m. From starting zones where no previous releases have taken place, avalanches can reach large size. They can in some cases reach intermediate altitudes. Exposed parts of transportation routes can be endangered. Backcountry tours and ascents to alpine cabins should be started very early and concluded timely. Areas with glide cracks are to be avoided as far as possible.

The north will be mostly very cloudy and a little precipitation will fall. The snowfall level will drop towards 1600 m. The south will be partly sunny. In the high Alpine regions, the wind will be moderate from the west.
The danger of dry avalanches will increase slightly in some of the high Alpine regions in the north. The danger of wet snow avalanches will decrease significantly as the temperature falls. Individual gliding avalanches can still occur.
 Weather and conditions:

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