Storm Refill – Snow Report 15th Nov

Storm Refill - Snow Report 15th Nov

REFUEL – There is no time to wind down.

For this week it looks like it’s gonna be bluebird and powder whopping, 50cm is a quite good refill for a 24h streak! Giving us a good reason to call in sick in the morning and work a bit later during the evening instead. We are definitely looking forward to ski on the glacier on Saturday (refill of 2 m and counting)! The snow report for this weekend looks promising. Sunny Bluebird for a couple of days and then snowfall Sunday through Monday. At least 30cm of fresh is promised, so we hold our thumbs.

Right now it is calm and only some muffled sounds in the village. Everything is yet again covered in white and on Monday we had to go backward to avoid getting totally stuffed from the snowflakes whipping our faces. The storm hit us Sunday evening around 5 pm and kept delivering until 4 pm the day after. Cows were hurried into the stables and the cable car went in with the speed of light, winds were measured up to 50 km/h and everyone was just wondering why they didn’t have an open fireplace at home. When you cant see your hand in front of you because of first, the rain, and second, the massive snowflakes that came afterward. You better layer up or get a fireplace, there ain’t no in-between.

The weekend, as it were, was a bit warm, didn’t leave so much left of the powder that hit on Friday, but the slopes from Stand to Trübsee were in top condition on Saturday. Luckily, as mentioned above, the warmth rapidly caved in for some cold degrees later in the afternoon on Sunday, and not much damage was made.

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Hard Facts:

Snow depth Mountain (Slope, 3.020m): 200 cm New: 50 cm
Snow depth Location (1.050m): 20 cm
Snow condition: POWDER
Latest snowfall: Right now
Avalanche alert level: Significant

Weather and conditions:

Storm Refill - Snow Report 15th Nov Storm Refill - Snow Report 15th NovStorm Refill - Snow Report 15th Nov Storm Refill - Snow Report 15th Nov

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