1 m up in a Week! – Snow Report 3rd of March

Truls Mörfeldt getting serious in engelberg.

Well, that went well. We were expecting 98 cm in two days – then got 70 cm in two days and a refill of 27 cm more. Now we are up on 385cm base! Yay!

This week we had the biggest individual and most spontaneous media crew staying at the Lodge – it’s the most full-packed we’ve ever been with ski cinematographers and photographers in a long long time, maybe in history.

The line-up: Mattias Fredriksson, Marcus Ahlstrom, and Fabian Omne plus in addition to that Alexander Rydén, Truls Mörfeldt and Erik Wennberg (skata sweden). Check their accounts for good inspiration and the daily conditions reports – video don’t lie! 🙂




Hard Facts

Snow depth Mountain (slope, 3.020m): 385 cm (25 new)
Snow depth Village (1.050m): 5
Snow condition: Powder, partly grainy, partly hard.
Latest snowfall: Today!
Avalanche alert level: Significant, 3

Weather and Conditions

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