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Our food is great but oh do we like something to drink to it. We carefully select the most fun, exciting and truthful beverages for our cocktail and wine list. Then we mix it up with the good ol' classics.

Events & Happenings.

We love to invite chefs and wine producers to change things around every now and then. We'll keep you posted on Instagram for the next event!


To mix, share or keep for yourself.

Skier's Starter 18

Changes daily.

Toast Skagen 16
Prawn saladm Mayonnaise, creme Fraiche, Onion, Dill and Bread

No Frills - Comfort food for the soul

Changes every month.

Celeriac Tagliatelle 18

Chanterelles, Burnt Cream, Almonds and Cress.

Endives 16

Blood Orange, Dallenwil Cheese, Pink Pepper, Cress, and Pine Nuts.

Flat Bread 19

Smoked Beetroot and Smoked Brisket, Yoghurt, and Dukkah.

Baked Cauliflower 16

Blue Mussels, Burnt Cream, Croutons, and Dill.

Za'atar Carrots 15

Roasted Carrots, Honey, Feta cheese, and Za'atar Spice.


Skier's Main 36

(Changes daily)

Mushroom Ravioli 36

Ricotta, Fresh Winter Truffle, Sage, and Gerschnialp Butter.

Meatballs 38

Mashed Potatoes, Lingonberries, Gravy, and Pickled Cucumber.

Beef Tartar 17/30

Celery, Blue Cheese, Parsley, Apple served with Grilled bread.

MOABurger 42

130g Angus Beef, Brioche, Engelberg Cheddar, Caramelized Onion, Dijon-Pickle dressing, Tomato, Foie gras, Fresh Winter Truffle. Served with Fries, Dip, and a Salad.

Choucroute Garni 40

Pork belly, sausage, Duck Confit, Sauerkraut, Potatoes, Parsley, and Speck.

Cut of the day! Daily Price!

A selected cut of Local Beef with Fries, Tomato Salad, and Sauce Bearnaise.

3-course Skier's Dinner (Changes daily) 68


Selected from our favorite cheese makers in the region.

Cheese Plate 14


Skier's Dessert 15

(Changes daily)

Blueberries and Cream 12

Baked Panna Cotta, Honey, and Sage.

Lemon Mousse 14
Daim Cake 10

Almond, Croquant and Meringue.

Chocolate Cake 16

Chestnuts Praline, Caramel Mousse, Browned butter, Seasalt, Hazelnut, Crumble, and Vanilla Ice Cream

Marinated Olives 4
Fries with dip 4/8
Veggies with dip 8
Grilled Bread 6

with Garlic, Cheese & Herbs

Garden Salad 8/12
Grilled Broccoli 9

With Chocken Crisp, Chili, Ponzu Dressing.

Poutine 12

Fries, Cheese Curd, Gravy, Bacon.

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