The 21st Century Ski Bum Room

The 21st Century Ski Bum Room
The accessible room for the needs of a modern ski bum.
Our rooms are individuals, they all have a purpose and are designed with consideration of the guests’ needs.

Our single rooms made sense, but we didn’t really have a good choice for those two friends who want to ski around the clock. These guests rarely use the room for anything more than sleeping, and are often up with the first lift and come down with the last. After that they relax in the bar or in the library. So what can we do for them?

Our first thought went to the wooden bunk-bed style beds, that would have been the easy way, but we quickly realized that they take up too much space and offer less comfort (not a great combination in our eyes).

Therefore we started on our project “the squeeze”.
We made some calculations, sketches and got inspired by night trains, old school boat beds and whatnot. Whatever fitted the purpose – we looked it all up and came to a conclusion.
We sent all the information to a great carpenter and metal worker and gave them the go sign. They got to work and in a couple of months, the beds were delivered to our doorstep and mounted in the rooms.
The squeeze can be used as a single room or a double room – whatever the guest/guests prefer.
It has all the amenities that the other rooms have, it is just “squeezed” into the perfect package. Simply put, it is a “win-win”.
Hard Facts:
  • Wi-fi
  • Flatscreen
  • Satellite / Cable TV
  • Shower
  • Hair dryer
  • Non-smoking
  • Twin room

“Ideal for the seasoned traveler, our squeeze rooms are perfect for one or two people. Equipped with a foldable bunk bed with high-quality spring mattresses, numerous hooks for your gear, fast and free wireless, flatscreen cable-TV and a tiled bathroom with a steaming hot shower. And of course, jaw-dropping views over the Engelberg valley.”

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// Ski Lodge Team

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