50cm And Counting – Snow Report 29th Nov

50cm And Counting - Snow Report 29th Nov

PHOTO: Johan Jonsson

This is what happened: Mother Nature gave us an early Christmas present.

We are feeling like the luckiest persons alive. This has been a preseason to remember. First, there was the snowfall with 80cm, then it just keeps on coming. 20-30cm a time. On Sunday morning we could go out in the whiteout and come back with a great experience. Jochpass was open and there were many lines to be done. 30cm fresh snow was on the ground, so no time to waste. The sun came out during Monday and Tuesday, and some locals had a few runs in Steinberg talking about good snow to found everywhere, they know where the crevasses are. Otherwise, it could be a very bad idea until we have some more snow on top of there. Nevertheless, they had a good day, as many others in the ski area during that time… (and the others didn’t even have to do the long traverse back!)

As for now, we are yet again in a white room in the village and it has been pouring down big snow flakes all day. It looks like it is going to continue during some days ahead, no sun in sight and 50cm on the radar. We are just enjoying the show. The upcoming weeks are not less promising. With one of the best baselayers in years, without jinxing it, this is going to be a good season. (It already is! How crazy is that?)

Whats coming up?

There are a few spots left on Shades of Winter “All female” freeride camp her in Engelberg 15th-17th of December. Get the opportunity to meet other passionate skiers, improve your technique and skills, increase your knowledge in the mountains get inspired by some of the best freeride athletes in the world. You will be accompanied by a certified mountain guide as well as a Shades of winter athlete coaching and inspiring the crew. A good guess is that the spots will be filled quickly, so if you are a female ripper that wants to get your avalanche training and ski level up on point – go get the last spots here.

We still have a few rooms left during the upcoming weeks so go ahead and get them before the word is out! You’ll find the best rates here on our own web-booking.

Hard Facts:

Snow depth Mountain (Slope, 3.020m): 260 cm
Snow depth Location (1.050m): 25 cm
Snow condition: Powder
Latest snowfall: Now, right about now! Wednesday.
Avalanche alert level: SIGNIFICANT

Danger description

Snowdrift: https://www.slf.ch/en/avalanche-bulletin-and-snow-situation.html

As a consequence of the fresh snow there will be a gradual increase in the avalanche danger. As a consequence of the moderate wind snow drift accumulations will form, in particular adjacent to the ridge line and in pass areas as well as at elevated altitudes. The fresh snow drift accumulations can be released, even by a single winter sport participant. They are barely recognisable because of the poor visibility. Backcountry touring and other off-piste activities call for caution.

Weather and conditions:

oskar enander mattias hargin

PHOTO: Oskar Enander RIDER: Mattias Hargin

oskar enander linus Archibald

PHOTO: Oskar Enander RIDER: Linus Archibald

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