Lutersee Trail Running Loop, August 14, 2023

Hiker walking through grass field in the mountains in front of alpine lake.

Engelberg is jam-packed full of hidden running gems. Gems that, if you are willing to do a bit of work, you’ll find around just about every corner. Today we want to show you one of our favorite trail runs in our neighborhood. It features steeps, flats, techy sections, and a gorgeous lake. Even better? We made it a loop! 

Lutersee trail loop topo map with distance and elevation.

Engelberg – Ober Arni

For this adventure, start from the Ski Lodge back door towards the Titlis gondola base station. Pass through the station and take the trail to the left that runs up along the hillside. Continue up the trail to Unter Trübsee, where you can stock up on refreshments if you need anything to snack on. Next, take the road to the right and run northwest until you reach the Haltenhütte. Now you’ll start to see the towering mountains that make this route so special. Take a left and start running up the valley. Enjoy the easier incline while you can! At the fork in the trail, turn right up the hillside. This is where things start to get steep, and you’ll start to climb up past Unter Arni towards Ober Arni.

From the top of Ober Arni, you’ll reach a mountain pass with views of the Bockigrat and the imposing Bockistock. Head straight at the intersection to cross the plateau (you might hit some snow here!)

Snow field in the high alpine.

Bocki – Lutersee

After about one kilometer, the trail will curve right and then left along the Scheidegg. The beautiful Alp Lutersee will start to come into view here. Stop at the Hüethütte for a tasty snack (we recommend the cheese). 

Zingel – Engelberg

From here, walk around the lake and down the steep path towards Zingel. Be sure to look up while you pass by this stunning mountain farm, as you’ll see Engelberg once again. Also, don’t forget to say hello to the pigs as you pass by. 

Next, traverse back along the hillside towards Stalden. Take a left at the fork and run down towards the Arnibach river. Finally it’s smooth sailing back down to Engelberg and Ski Lodge for a beer!

Join us at Ski Lodge Engelberg, and we’ll provide you with all of the adventure tips you need!

// Sunny Regards from Your Friends at Ski Lodge Engelberg

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