Champagne Powder – Snow Report 1st feb

Jenni kaipanen and jussi out on tuesday skiing powder.

PHOTO: Jussi Hynninen RIDER: Jenni Kaipanen

Engelberg got lucky

After 10 days of sunny weather we got a refill, and not just a refill… The snow on Titlis was champagne light and left everyone in wonder. You could get a powder magazine cover shot 5 meters from the piste without even trying. (Bringing a photographer would have helped, of course..:)

This weekend looks also promising for some snow, although we are a bit weary about the wind that might blow over with blunt force. If the wind goes to hard on the new snow we can expect some wind loaded parts of the mountain. Hopefully this can be avoided.

Snowreport, engelberg weather and wind.

Hard Facts:

Snow depth Mountain (slope, 3.020m): 515 cm
Snow depth Village (1.050m): 50 cm
Snow condition: Powder, partially wind affected
Latest snowfall: 28.01.19
Avalanche alert level: 3, Significant!

Wind slabs, old snow
Avalanche prone locations

In all aspects above approximately 1600m.


Danger description

As a consequence of a storm force foehn wind, extensive wind slabs formed. These can be released by a single winter sport participant. Additionally avalanches can also be released in the old snowpack. Whumpfing sounds and the formation of shooting cracks when stepping on the snowpack can indicate the danger.
Ski touring and other off-piste activities, including snowshoe hiking, call for experience in the assessment of avalanche danger.

Gliding avalanches

In particular on very steep sunny slopes and below approximately 2200 m individual medium-sized to large gliding avalanches are possible. Caution is to be exercised in areas with glide cracks.


Saturday Engelberg – Snow report
The southern barrier-cloud situation is expected to persist, although the focal point of the precipitation will move to the eastern regions. On the Main Alpine Ridge from Lukmanier Pass into the Münstertal and in the Upper Engadine, more than anywhere else, additional large amounts of fresh snow can be expected. In these regions, danger level 4 (“high”) could be reached on Saturday. In the remaining regions of Switzerland, avalanche danger levels are not expected to change significantly.


Sunday Engelberg – Snow Report

The wind will shift to northerly and on the northern flank of the Alps a small amount of snowfall is expected. The avalanche danger will increase slightly in those regions. In the western and the southern regions, practically no further snowfall is anticipated, and the avalanche danger levels will incrementally decrease there.

Weather and conditions:

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