Easter Pow – Snow Report

Easter Pow - Snow Report

PHOTO: Raphael Alu

Eggstra pow for the Easter.

So we had a couple of extra days of good snow last week and it has been snowing here for two days, although the rain crawled up a bit too high for our taste. The last couple of days have been warm, not unexpectedly, but not ideal for the snow between trübsee hopper and Jochpass. It got a bit warmer by the sun at first, and then the rain started in the village and kept on hammering down with a mixture of snow and heavy drops. It seemed to us like the weather couldn’t really decide for winter or spring. The clouds were heavy with snow but not consistent.

The good thing is that all areas above 2000m kept it’s cool and Steinberg had a full refill covering all tracks from before. today it’s sunny and nice but with a lot of heavy wind. The storm is definitely approaching. (14+13+11+5+6!!!!) Luckily Monday is a red day! 🙂

Easter weather, snowcast!

Hard Facts:

Snow depth Mountain (slope, 3.020m): 714 cm (!!)
Snow depth Location (1.050m): 20 cm
Snow condition: Powder! Partially Hard.
Latest snowfall: Tuesday
Avalanche alert level: Significant

Danger description

Fresh and somewhat older snow drift accumulations can be released by a single winter sports participant. As the day progresses the snow drift accumulations will increase in size. Natural avalanches are possible in isolated cases. Avalanches can reach the medium size in isolated cases. Experience in the assessment of avalanche danger is required.

Wet and full-depth avalanches

More wet avalanches are possible.
Below approximately 2400 m full-depth avalanches are possible. These can reach dangerously large size. Areas with glide cracks are to be avoided as far as possible.


Winds were westerly,

  • during the night blowing at moderate strength, also reaching strong velocity in the Jura region;
  • during the daytime blowing at light to moderate strength.
On Friday night in southern regions, snowfall will set in which is expected to be intensive and persistent. The snowfall level will descend to approximately 1200 m. During the daytime on Holy Saturday, the snowfall will come to an end and isolated bright intervals are anticipated. Also north of the Main Alpine Ridge, snowfall is expected over widespread areas above approximately 1000 m. Most of the snowfall is anticipated in the region from the Bernese Oberland into the Glarner Alps. On Friday night in the major areas of precipitation of the south, danger level 4 (“high”) will presumably be reached. Also in the regions bordering to the north – the Bernese Oberland, central and eastern Switzerland, and Grisons – danger level 4 (“high”) could be reached. In the other regions of Switzerland, the danger of dry-snow avalanches will also increase as a consequence of the freshly fallen snow. Wet-snow and gliding avalanches continue to be expected at any time in all regions.
On Saturday night in northern regions, snowfall is anticipated above approximately 1000 m. During the daytime on Easter Sunday, skies will be variably cloudy, accompanied by showers and bright intervals. South of the Main Alpine Ridge it will be quite sunny as a result of the northerly winds. The avalanche danger levels will presumably decrease somewhat. For backcountry skiers and freeriders, the conditions are expected to remain critical.
Weather and conditions:

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