Engelberg is On – Snow Report 17th Dec.

Linus Arschibald taking a drone shot of Tobias Granath!

Engelberg will have a white Christmas!

Yay, it has arrived, in a little more than a week we got another 75 cm of snow, from 124cm adding it up to 200cm. A fairly good holiday gift we would say. Jochpass opened on Thursday 12th (a bit earlier than anticipated) and we got to ski middle sulz and small sulz for the first time this season! It is still a bit sharky out there, so stay alert, but other than that a warm weather front just moved in the last couple of days and is packing the snow together for a good base. This means less sharks and more fun. This weekend looks promising for the higher altitudes, above 2200 m we will hopefully find ourselves in some powder during Christmas holidays! We won’t say no to that:)

Ski Jumping World Cup

The weekend behind us brought a lot of fun and games too, the Ski Jumping World cup started off the season with a bang. The village lit up and it felt like everyone entering our doors were in a jolly good spirit. A lot of guests and great athletes fighting for the gold in the ski jum made it a very specal start of the season.

First Titlis Round-Tour

Picture above is taken by Linus on the first ski tour around Titlis for this season. On Saturday Local guide Tobias Granath with guest and Local shredders Linus Archibald and Linn Hiden took the opportunity to go the halfday tour in the sun, they found some great snow, obviously.


weather in engelberg, good base.

Hard Facts:

Snow depth Mountain (slope, 3.020m): 200 cm
Snow depth Village Location (1.050m): 0 cm
Snow condition: Manchester pistes, hard, partially powder
Latest snowfall: 21st December
Avalanche alert level: 3, significant

Open lifts: 19 of 28′

Cross-country tracks are open at Trübsee!

Danger description (20th of december)

As a consequence of fresh snow and a strengthening westerly wind, easily released wind slabs will form. They are to be found in particular in gullies and bowls, and behind abrupt changes in the terrain. They are to be avoided as far as possible. The number and size of avalanche prone locations will increase as the day progresses. In the afternoon over a wide area danger level 3 (considerable) will be reached. Snow sport activities outside marked and open pistes call for experience in the assessment of avalanche danger and careful route selection.

Wet and full-depth avalanches

As a consequence of the rain more frequent gliding avalanches and wet snow slides are to be expected below approximately 2200 m. This applies in all aspects.

 Weather and conditions:

Sunny skies on saturday, with some engelberg powder.

// Ski Lodge Team

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