Engelberg Snow Report – Snow on the way!

Sunny day in egelberg

March 4th 2021

After three and a half long weeks of sunshine and absolute absence of snow we see the clouds in the end of the tunnel. It’s been good, it’s been fun but it has not been normal. To see clouds on the radar is a sight for sore eyes. (Note: we have never ever been so excited for 10cm of snow in Engelberg, ever. This is not normal)

Engelberg Snow Report – Snow on the way!
Trübsee 1800m above sea level.

So, What have we been doing in Engelberg these last three weeks?

In the beginning, we weren’t sad at all about the sun, it was pretty nice to skip a layer or two of clothing for a week, no snow report needed. We could still find great snow until the 15th of February and no one was complaining. Then the weather forecast just showed us a big sun, with no end. That’s when it went bad and some people started to get delusional. On several occasions, we heard a “there are some clouds rolling in on XX and it’s supposed to be snowing then”. Where and on what weather channel they found this was a mystery to us. We even tried to check the weather for different altitudes on various occasions (pro tip if you’re checking the weather in the mountains, it can differ with so many degrees and position of clouds).

Kicker building time! Sunscreen 30000000000!

Hard Facts – Snow Conditions Engelberg

Snow depth Mountain (slope, 3.020m): 475 cm
Snow depth Village (1.050m): 15 cm
Snow condition: Powder, partly sun affected on south-facing slopes!
Latest snowfall: Monday 16th of February 2021.
Avalanche alert level: 1

Weather and Conditions

// Ski Lodge Engelberg Team

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