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Engelberg Summer Adventure of the Week – Walenstock Mega Trail Run! July 15, 2023

Runner climbs down rocks and snow

Looking for a challenge? We have an idea for you. This route is nothing short of epic, with 24 kilometers of varying geological terrain, delicious pit-stops, and unbelievable views. This run starts and ends at Ristis, on the Brunni side, and traverses around all of the Walenstock peaks. 

Engelberg Summer Adventure of the Week – Walenstock Mega Trail Run! July 15, 2023

Kick it all off by taking the Brunni gondola up to Ristis. From there you’ll head past the alpine slide and take the trail towards Rugghubelhütte. An alternate route would be to take the chairlift up to Brunnihutte. This eliminates a bit of vertical at the beginning. As you wind around the mountainside the trail is fairly flat, but soon you’ll start the climb and it will start to feel like you’re in the high alpine, with marmots skirting around the trail, and if it’s the right season you’ll be surrounded by stunning wildflowers. Stop in at Rugghubelhütte if you’re in need of some refreshment, and then continue up to Rot Grätli. The Rot Grätli is an impressive ridge, and from here it will really feel like you’re in a different world! Continue down the other side of this pass. Most of the year this side is snow covered, so be safe and make sure it isn’t too icy for a safe descent. 

After this exciting descent, you will traverse to the Bannalper Schonegg. Take the trail down towards the Berggasthaus Urnerstaffel. This is an idyllic mountain hut, and a great option for an overnight stay if you want to make this a two-day excursion. If not, continue down to the glorious Bannalp Lake. Its sapphire water will be begging you to take a dip on a hot day. Indulge if you can before the big climb up to the Walegg. 

On your way up, you’ll pass by the adorable mountain farm called Oberfeld, complete with playful goats and refreshments waiting for you if necessary! As you continue up and around the mountainside, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world. After reaching the Walegg lookout point, it’s a beautiful cruise past Walenalp, up and over the Stock, and finally back to Ristis. Take the gondola down if you’ve made it in time, and head straight to Ski Lodge for some well-earned rejuvenation!

Let’s run!

// Sunny Regards from Your Friends at Ski Lodge Engelberg

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