Engelberg Summer

Hiking, biking and having a good time.

How about that, we are already in the middle of July. We thought the winter in Engelberg went by pretty fast, but now the summer is almost gone. Are we getting older or do we just have more fun all year around?

This is what we have been up to.

First of all. We can go biking on Jochpass now, a great relief. The hiking trails have been flooded with bikers during the last month. It is not an actual problem but you do get quite bored with the trails, they are not made for flowy runs. There is a lot of skip-hopping and road crossings involved. Which is fine of course, if you want an adventure!

The reason for the opening of the actual biking trails being postponed is the huge amount of snow that was still present. Good winter equals the late start of the summer season. Bikers from all over switzerland came by this weekend to test the opened trails! Good fun!

The Hiking

This Engelberg valley is extraordinary, there is so much to do, so in the next blog post we will give you a couple of tips on nice hiking trails. Stay tuned.

Hard Facts

// Ski Lodge Team

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