Glacier Time – Snow Report 30th Oct

Glacier Time - Snow Report 30th Oct

We’re up, we’re out and the glacier keeps us busy.

So, the last two weeks the glacier has been open and was very much appreciated from us here in the village. Up on top, you have three pistes to cruise down and temperatures have been swinging between -5 and +1 degrees Celsius. Not bad, not bad at all. Whatever you do, don’t over do your layering abilities –  we know it’s winter, but it ain’t the north pole as of yet… The pistes are good, really carving friendly and there aren’t many people at all. There is even some powder on the sides to enjoy, as long as you keep a good distance to the crevasses, which are abnormally huge this season start.

About the crevasses.

Because of the big avalanche that went down in Steinberg earlier this year, there wasn’t much snow to cover and protect the glacier over the summer. This means that some new crevasses have shown up on the surface. They are not brand new and have probably been there for a long time, but were covered deep under the snow masses that kept them hidden. So, our advice for Steinberg enthusiasts is to bring a guide or talk to the locals about the crevasses. They could be hidden right under a shallow snow mass. And you don’t want to go skiing with your buddies and then all of a sudden be one man short. It is just not a very fun experience.

(If you want to read more about the avalanche click your way over to our blog post here)

Other than that the snow-machines between the glacier and all the way down to Trübsee are making snow like there is no tomorrow. For the 8th of November, when they are supposed to open up that area, it looks good! Hallelujah.

As of yet we still have a few rooms to spare for those who fancy an early start on your skis and in your boots. The dates are between 3rd and 13th Dec and Tine in the reception just told us there are some pretty good deals to be had. To get a hold of the accommodation of your choosing with a guaranteed great price have a peak on our package deals or email us directly at, Our reception staff will take it from there! See you soon.

Dates to keep in your calendar:
  • November 8 – Stand 2200m to Trübsee 1800m open for skiing. (If there is enough snow, we will keep you posted)
  • November 6-17 – Glacier closed for maintenance.
  • November 13 – December 7 – Brunni open on weekends for skiing.
  • Between December between 3 to 8 – Jochpass 2222m open for skiing.
Hard Facts:

Snow depth Mountain (Slope, 3.020m): 80 cm
Snow depth Location (1.050m): 0 cm
Snow condition: hard
Latest snow fall: Sun, 29.10.
Avalanche alert level: No information

Weather and conditions:

Glacier Time - Snow Report 30th Oct

Glacier Time - Snow Report 30th Oct  Glacier Time - Snow Report 30th Oct

Glacier Time - Snow Report 30th Oct

// The Ski Lodge Team

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