Happy Holidays – Snow Report 29th Dec

Piste skiing in Engelberg, december 2018!

Engelberg Snow Report

Last 10 days have been a rollercoaster of thoughts and emotion. Before Christmas we saw the light in the tunnel with good snow and fine days, then the warmth and rain hit us for a week down in the valley. luckily the higher altitudes still kept cold and dry. At least around 2000m, which is crucial for the snow base layer. As it is now, the layer that is exposed to straight sunlight and was on the verge of getting warm is still a pretty weak layer. This is to be considered when going out of bounce…

Today we got variable reports from the mountain. Guests out with Mountain Guides got fantastic conditions on their secret spots. Then we can straight out say that out in the off-piste around the lifts the snow is quite hard packed. Basta. Photo Proof of both below!

Tobias granath out on a secret spot in Engelberg with gusets.

Hard Facts:

Snow depth Mountain (slope, 3.020m): 230 cm
Snow depth Village Location (1.050m): 10 cm
Snow condition: Variable
Latest snowfall: 24th December
Avalanche alert level: 2, moderate

Open lifts: 19 of 28′

Cross-country tracks are open at Trübsee!

Weather forecast through Sunday, 30.12.2018
During the night in northern and eastern regions, skies will be overcast accompanied by a light snowfall. In the northern regions, skies will be partially overcast above the high fog. In eastern regions, a small amount of snowfall is anticipated. The snowfall level is expected to descend to 400 to 700 m.
Fresh snow
Above approximately 1200 m: in the central and eastern sectors of the northern flank of the Alps, Grisons not including the southern valleys, 5 to 10 cm.
Temperature At midday at 2000 m, between +2 °C in western and southern regions and -6 °C in eastern regions.
  • At 2000 m in northern regions, winds will be blowing at light to moderate strength from westerly to northwesterly directions,
  • in high alpine regions, winds will be blowing at moderate to strong velocity, on the Main Alpine Ridge and in the eastern regions, blowing intermittently at strong to storm strength, from northerly directions.
Outlook through Tuesday, 01.01.2019
On New Year’s Eve in northern and in eastern regions, skies will frequently be overcast, accompanied by a light snowfall. The snowfall level will be at 1000 m. In western and southern regions it will be partly sunny. The northerly winds will continue to blow at a strong velocity in southern regions and at high altitudes. On New Year’s Day, it will be predominantly sunny in the mountains and the northerly winds are expected to slacken off.
Avalanche danger levels are not expected to change significantly.
 Weather and conditions:

Piste skiing in Engelberg, december 2018!

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