Home away from Home Office at Ski Lodge Engelberg.

skiing during office hours in engelberg

Right now we have a handful of people using our hotel as their home office with the perks of still being able to enjoy the many outdoor activities Engelberg has to offer.

With lockdowns reinstated in France, Austria, and parts of Switzerland we are lucky to not be included. Our restrictions are firmer than before but they still allow us to do what we love the most – being outside in the mountains.

We asked Stuart Kefford, one of our current home office guests, to tell us about his last week at “the office”.

“We are currently a small group of people and I can discuss issues with different colleagues out from different sectors that I would normally not encounter, especially not now when we are forced to work from home. So it’s a nice balance between a quiet, individual, and excellent professional environment with the availabilities of making plans for lunch or after-work activities and enjoy the mountain life Engelberg has to offer”, Describes Kefford, Project Manager UN Geneve Office.

For us at Ski Lodge Engelberg, being a small hotel in the alps it is such a joy to have people staying a long time and really integrate with the locals and staff. It becomes even more of a homely feel when our guests include their day to day life into ours.

“A warm and welcoming environment with a co-collaboration vibe,” concludes Kefford.

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