Lifts Open – Adventure Report 4th of June

Lifts opening up, trailrunning in Engelberg.

Finally some great news for the Engelberg Valley! Lifts open up on the 6th of June after 2,5 months of closure. You will be able to reach new heights without tearing your lungs out!

Photo: Jana Rogers

To be honest we are seriously wondering where May and April went? Did these two months really happen? If so they were the fastest in history. We are already in June and restrictions on extreme sports are lifted, we can meet more than 5 persons at the same time, and still, it’s a long uphill to normal. Luckily we are used to uphills here in Engelberg during the warm months of the year 😉

The opening of the bar was a huge turning point for us as an establishment, the locals and workers in Engelberg. Obviously, none of the hotels or restaurants are having too much to do, unfortunately rather the opposite. Still, it made some of us have to go to work and actually find routines again. One of the good things with the lifts opening up is that tourists, weekend warriors and nearby tourism will be able to start up again. We hope that with the lifts open as many people possible will take the chance to get up in the mountains and in the outdoors more.

We at Ski Lodge will still wait for more information before we decide to open up the Hotel, depending on requests and group travel restrictions. Until then the bar is open Wednesday to Sunday from 3 pm to 9 pm and we already have some fun events in place.

Here is a picture of our first “Wurst Wednesday” – It was a success for Locals and us to be able to serve food again.

Lifts Open - Adventure Report 4th of June

// Ski Lodge Engelberg Team

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