Multisport – Weekly Snow Round-Up

Multisport - Weekly Snow Round-Up

The valley have been soaked in sun for a week and it gives the word multi sport a whole new meaning.

The nights are mighty cold right now, a very welcomed phase in the weather change. When the cold nights are clear and filled with stars we have bluebird weather during the days, a phenomenon that is good to know: if you see the stars it is bound to be bluebird the next day.  We welcome days like these because we have the opportunity to use the whole mountain. The only thing changing during the day is our gear. We get to ski incredible good pistes up in the ski system in the mornings and then we can take a hike in the sun on Brunni. That is if we still have strength left in our legs. It takes some determination from our side to push our muscles a bit further but it is totally worth it.

Other than that we hosted a Open House Thursday evening last week. A fun event that gave us a sprinkle of that warm and fuzzy feelings that creek up on us when the season is really starting.

Now we are looking forward to opening up our Brasserie Konrad on Wednesday evening and after that it is full speed ahead.

If you are in the mood of celebrating Christmas or New Year with us we still have a few spots left during those dates. You find them under packages. We look forward to seeing you during the most magical time of the year!

Hard Facts:

Snow depth Mountain (3,020m): 20 cm

Snow condition: hard, partially wet

Latest snowfall Region: 19/11/2016

Location: 11/11/2016

Avalanche alert level: low

Weather and conditions:




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