Negroni Week at Ski Lodge Engelberg

Ski Lodge Engelberg Negroni week, recipie of negroni.

We love Negronis and We love things for a good cause. So when the opportunity presented itself with “Negroni Week” between the 12th to 18th of September we jumped right on the train to cocktail hour. Oliver and Fredrik created their own autumn version of this classic, and it’s to die for.

Negroni Thyme
2cl Thyme-infused Campari
2cl Beefeater Gin
2cl Antica formula

2dl prosecco
1dl sparkling water
1dl orange juice (fine strained)
2 eggwhites
2 CO2 canisters

How To make a Negroni like this

Put a couple of Thyme stalks in your campari to sit for a couple of days.

Stir with ice.

Foam ingredients are to be put in a foam canister, foam it.

Don’t forget the orange twist on the top, and slightly squeeze/break it to get the orange aroma from the peel.

Come try it!

2 CHF per Negroni goes directly to Slow Foods!

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