New Season – Snow Round-Up 19th Sept

New Season - Snow Round-Up 19th Sept

Get ready, Set, Go!

Laub and Jochpass are sprinkled with snow and we are about to warm up the engines. Fingers crossed that winter arrives early this year.

Our last weeks are best described as a bit of a circle of insanity. Should we go biking or have a hot chocolate in a ski hut? We were optimistic last Friday and tried to go biking, it worked out fine but definitely called for a different approach. Yesterday was the same. Jochpass is fully covered in a soft layer of snow and the cold degrees keep it on the ground for longer than expected. September is usually a warm and sunny month for us, but this year turned out to be different. Rain, snow, and whatnot in between have been keeping us fully dressed and running out the door as soon as the sun comes out – even if it is for only a couple of hours. It keeps us on our feet, literally.

In the hotel, we are organizing the winter bookings and finding new fun events to keep occupied before the snow is ready to be skied. On Saturday we have a big ROCK N ROLL party in the bar and next weekend we organize a fun Octoberfest and music quiz. Time well spent!

Dates to keep in your calendar

  • October 7 – Glacier 3020m open for skiing.
  • November 1 – Stand 2200m to Trübsee 1800m open for skiing.
  • November 6-16 – Glacier closed for maintenance.
  • November 13 – December 7 – Brunni open on weekends for skiing.
  • Between December 1 and 8 – Jochpass 2222m open for skiing.

Weather and Conditions:

New Season - Snow Round-Up 19th Sept

// Ski Lodge Team

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