Oskar Enander

16 Years of Shooting Skiiers

with a camera, and he is damn good at it.

Oskar Enander is, as you may know, an outstanding ski photographer and part of the family here at the Lodge. His photos can be found on the walls throughout the hotel and some selected prints can be bought in our reception. He is living permanently in Engelberg since 2010 and we asked him a couple of questions.

First season in Engelberg, how did it look like for you?

– I came to the village for the first time 2002 and moved permanently to Luzern 2003 to spend the winters in Engelberg. My first winter season I worked as a busboy at the legendary nightclub Spindle. Great way to earn money and at the same time be able to spend the days on the mountain. Sadly Spindle isn’t around anymore…

When was the first time someone published a photo of yours in print?

– It was in autumn 2003, pictures in a snowboard magazine or Swedish Brant, plus the picture that was published in December 2003, the one that became “photo of the year” at Powder Awards.

Note from writer: This was the first ever batch of photos Oskar sent to publishers. (YEAH, that’s right, only that tells a story about how much of a natural he is behind the camera!)

Before you spent your winters in Engelberg on a regular basis you and Stephan Drake produced a book named “The powder Road” 2005. Any thoughts on doing any solo projects in the future?

– I don’t think so, not right now anyway.

The posters we have here at Ski Lodge – how did you choose them out?

– These are some of my favorites, so that’s the sole reason!

During this fall you’ve had a number of Engelberg covers published. Do you keep track of all the covers you’ve shot during the years?

– I actually don’t know, it kind of ticked on, but yeah, most of them are from Engelberg of course.


5 quick ones.
Hard facts on The Powder Magazine Cover with Mattias Hargin.

– December 3rd 2017 in Jochpass 11.56, flat field that looks great from the air.

Go to equipment

Canon 1dx Mk II, Lenses: 24-70, 70-200 and often a DJI Drone.

How much skiing do you get without the heavy backpack

Early in the season and April I leave it at home. (If It’s not epic conditions, and also sometimes when it’s epic conditions)

After ski?

– I don’t really “after ski” so often here in Engelberg because I live here, but I often go home after skiing and download the pictures etc. and then maybe have a beer after that. Preferably at Ski Lodge.

Best tip for skiers coming to Engelberg?

– Rent a guide and he/she will show you around.


Hire a mountain Guide!

We have a close relationship with the mountain guides here in the village and can book them for you here at the Ski Lodge Engelberg. But be aware, they book out quickly!

Tobias Granath

Jan Keller

Dani Perret

Engelberg Mountain Guides


Mattias Hargin on a poster near you? Can be baught in the reception at Ski Lodge Engelberg. Photo; Oskar Enander.

Powder magazine cover, oskar enander and mattias hargin.

// Ski Lodge Engelberg Team

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