Rain No More – Venture Report 14th Aug

Rain No More - Venture Report 14th Aug


There is much to entertain on sunny days, but when the rain hits the mountains just take cover or you’ll regret it.

We have had a stormy end of July and beginning of August so far. The days are mostly warm and sunny, but when the night creeps in the thunder starts to rumble. Almost every evening the rain hit us with a strong backhand, leaving everyone speechless and sometimes totally unprepared and soaking wet. Weather apps are frequently abused and you no longer know if someone sitting next to you is fairly popular or just receiving weather alarms. It is a fine line these days. (And of course it can’t be avoided that everyone thinks their weather channel is the most accurate.)

Lucky for us, the days often end up to be dry and warm. Biking up on Jochpass is therefor still going strong and the bike stores have customers days on end.

In the Ski Lodge we are getting a lot more party and wedding bookings during the summer. Every week we have some fun event to look forward to and our summer restaurant is praised by locals. Happy days to be exact.

Upcoming Events:

27th of August – AFTER BIKE BBQ

22 of September – The Legendary CRAYFISH PARTY (more info to come)

Weather and Conditions:


Rain No More - Venture Report 14th Aug

// Ski Lodge Team

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