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Randy T. x Ski Lodge Engelberg

Randy T. x Ski Lodge Engelberg

Randy throwing down a backside 180’s down the valley, the year is 1997, when he was fueled by Kelloggs and beer, uncompromised by wealth and photography.

PHOTO: Lorenz Vonarburg/ str paranoia


So during a period of time, we will do some reinventing in the bar at Ski Lodge, as you all know, we like to change things up. This time around Randy, a friend, and photographer will make an exhibition of things worth seeing. His work will be hanging in the bar between 26th of December until the beginning of February. Come and have a look, say hi and grab a beer.

Randy Tischler – Born 1973 Lucerne, LU, Lives and Works in Zurich.

What is your connection to Engelberg, when did it become a destination for you personally? My father worked here a long time ago and since then,  whenever I go snowboarding, I am doing it here.

When did you start to snowboard and what inspired you to choose the board instead of sticks? When American artist Richard Prince was asked: “Why art?” He responded: “ What else can you do? “. This is true to me in my art as well as in snowboarding.

When was Engelberg’s “golden age” in your opinion? The golden age always happens when every farmer family in Engelberg is wearing the same blue jeans classic all at the same time.

What makes Engelberg good/bad? All Good.

Whenever you are in Engelberg – whats the first thing you do – and the last?  Ha, easy stuff like going to eat a pizza at the Ice hall and then go to the the toilet and flush down all my universes that run like clockwork forever, my pictures are pulled together, the sun changing the weather, the nature, and the scale in advance don’t make sense, the water flushing farmers gravity… After I finished all of that work, I go snowboarding.
More about Randy:
(extract from CV)
R a n d y
T i s c h l e r
(*1973) is an artist and a photographer. He was introduced to photojournalism through his parents, both photographers and attended a BA (Hons) in Visual Communication at the University College for Creative Arts in Maidstone, England. Since then, he’s had numerous solo exhibitions and book publications. Reports and art editorials have been published in various national and international magazines.

 “Ein Fotograf hat die FCZ-Frauen als Gang inszeniert”  –  VICE magazine
“Wieso ein Schweizer Fotograf sogenannte Wirtschaftsflüchtlinge vor seinem Mercedes porträtiert!” – VICE magazine
Here you find him:

Randys Website, go and have a look!

Randy T. x Ski Lodge Engelberg Randy T. x Ski Lodge Engelberg
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