Snow Report Engelberg 30th Sept – First tracks made!

Skitour on Mt titlis 29th of september.

Believe it or not! Here is the photo proof of skiing on the Glacier Mt Titlis on Wednesday the 29th. We won’t lie to you – the conditions weren’t golden, but according to the pictures it looks like mid-February up there 😉

For Switzerland, this is quite extraordinary news. The whole concept of someone doing something that is not allowed (skiing before the cable car is open for skiing) is unthinkable and deeply rooted in everyone. But here we are, with photo proof.

The crew: Oskar Enander, Piers Solomon, Linus Archibald, Mattias Hargin, and Tobias Granath says it’s a shallow base. A lot of glacier cracks, which is normal at this time of the year, and a whole lot of fun.

The cable car and ski pistes on the glacier are scheduled to open earliest on the 10th of October, Latest on the 23rd.

So how come these guys could get up there when it isn’t open yet?

Good question. We have a couple of theories because it’s obviously much more fun to speculate before we ask them.


  1. Mattias Hargin carried all of them on his back and they did not use the lift at all.
  2. Tobias and Linus constructed a zip line with their Guide equipment during corona time in March and they zip lined up with a motor that Piers built during the free time of his pro freeride skier off time.
  3. Oskar Enander bought a new drone and rebuilt it with an electric bike battery which made it so strong it was able to fly them up.
  4. This never happened – the pictures are from mid-February 2020.
  5. The skiers who went up on Wednesday are solid skiers with over 10 years of experience with Mt Titlis glacier, and two out of 5 are mountain guides. So there were no questions asked?

What do you think?

// The Ski Lodge Engelberg Team

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