Strongmanrun – Venture Report 7th June

Strongmanrun - Venture Report 7th June

So two of the busiest weekends this summer is behind us and we look up the mountain for new adventures.

We have now hosted three great events in the hotel during the last two weeks. A birthday party for a friend of the house, EF managemnet (Education First) and the Strongmanrun. All with high tempo and cheerful (next to extatic) people.

Strongmanrun (held the 3rd of June by Fisherman) is a great deal here in the village. It is a race of 18km and goes in and around the village with obstacles all over the place. We are still not sure if every contestant made it over the river but hopefully they did, it was a really hard race this year.

Genossenshaft Keimling Brewery and Roastery Engelberg were set up in our garden the whole day and were a great contribution to our team at hand. Engelberg is always busy during this weekend and we were, just like the rest of the hotels, fully booked and in good spirit.

As for now, we keep ourselves busy in the Vita parkour just 10 min from the hotel and the single trails around us. Hiking season is really on and everything is blooming beautifully. (although we are mostly  sweating and swearing and are mostly too tired to lift our necks and actually have a look)

A tip of the day would be to get your hiking shoes in order and take the gondola up to Fürenalp. From there you will have an astonishing view of the whole valley and a good 3hour hike down in beautiful surroundings.

Next week we open up our Library and Terrace with a new and bigger bar menu. So from the 16th of June, you will be able to eat a nice meal in our garden from Wednesday to Saturday! (yaay)

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Strongmanrun - Venture Report 7th June

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